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I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
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Christmas decoration// japanese food// Himekaji`agejo coord

Hello princesses,

hey how are you? I hope fine. Well in the last few days I was really sick. I got a big flu and still  have it. But its a bit better.
I had very high fever , and my whole body hurts>.< . But today was the first day where I could go outside for a few hours.
thank god.
Well a lot of you asked me where I am in New York, and why I didnt visit big places XD ! The reason I am in a very small town in New York. But I will visit New York city for a weekend.
But I am not here to see New York or big malls, I am here to meet my boyfriend haha.
Its such a cute town where I am right now and almost every house has christmas decoration. It makes a nice Christmas feeling so I want to share some pictures with you.
 (click to enlarge them- sorry for the bad quality :_____:)

Today me and my boyfriend went to the next town ate some Japanese food, stroll a little bit around and had fun.
I am so happy he also love Japanese food. Well as I said I am sick so I only ordered a salad and could eat everything <__< such a shame...

My salad...

the food from my boyfriend 

We took this random picture in a store Xd. I made the thinker pose in a princess chair XD
My super random buys XD!

But the funniest for me that I saw a big truck who transport a big house. Omg I really never saw this before and wooow !! I must take pictures. My boyfriend told me that's normal in USA  But for me it was amazing ! And wooow it was so big !!!

We were next to the house with our car XD

Today's outfit

*a small P.s. I know I didn't often smile on my pictures, don't worry I am really happy. XD I only don't like my smiling face so much XD. I always make a smiling and a normal more sulking looking picture and I always like the normal-sulking picture more haha*

Jacket: Ma*rs
Boots: Guess
Choker: La Pafait
Bag: My Melody Vivitix
Hairbow: DreamV

Arrgggg my messy stuff is overall... The room looks after my styling always messy <..< I am sorry but I always clean it Ill promise XD

And a picture for you of my new Guess boots. 

Thats all for today



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