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Himegyaru coord/ Meet Chrissie and Ina/ Barbie Paradise

Hello princesses,

How are u princesses? I hope fine! Today I want to show you what I made on Thursday.
I went to Krefeld and met there Chrissie and Ina.
I had so much fun. I never met Chrissie before only on two partys.
She is such a cutie. And I was so happy to met her finally with Ina.
She is omg like me a big Barbie fan. Awwww~~~ !!!! *Girly mood on* 
And she collect a lot of Barbies also Monster high dolls, Polly pockets and Pullips. *O*
It was like a small dreamland for me. When I was young I had a lot of Barbies and I really regret that I loose them all ;__;  I love Barbie so much !!! But now as I said I will collect a lot of Monster high dolls ^^.
Soon I will make me an Barbie Tattoo. I can´t wait ^^. Of course I will show u it when its done.
Here a lot of pictures which I took for u <3
Here some of Chrissies sweethearts *^*

This was my absolute favorite Barbie from Chrissie she has pink hair *O*

Monster high dolls Awwwww~
The Polly Pockets *^*

Awwww that dress from the left Barbie *O*!!!!! I want it please for me !

Also one of my favorites. I also had her !!! Its skipper mermais with two babys *°*
We talked a lot and had so many fun!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3
Thanks so much for this awesome Day. Chrissie also made Apfelstrudel for us.
It was so delicious *^* I also took some pics of us haha ^^.

We love u !
The Apfelstrudel *^*
Ina made her hair....
...And then she turned into a zombie loool
Yes ! That made us happy XD
Sweet Chrissie <3<3<3
Ina babe <3<3<3
Because we are awesome and I loved that mirror XD
On cologne central station is also a lot of christmas decoration^^

Cardigan, Headbow: La Pafait
Bag, Shoes: Jesus Diamante
Coat: Ma*rs
Choler: Creepyyeah

My new awesome choker ! I love it ! From Creepyyeah!




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