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Gaijin inspirations part 4

Hello princesses,

Yeahhh my part 4 in finally finished!
I´m very happy that I can show your more really inspiring girls ^....^<3
If you want to check my older post here is my part 3 ,2 and  1 <--- click <3So let´s start!

My first inspiration today is Jellly
She is such a super cute girl and a Gal mama. I love her style it´s gorgeous.
She didn´t worn only one style she also mixed a lot and I love that !!!
From Hime to rock you find a lof of inspiring outfits by her <3<3<3<3

Her name is Cholong Kim. And she is so amazing.
She also was a lot of times in the Korean Tv.
And she is in a Korean Gal circle called Princess Gal.
 Check out her blog ^^

3) Emila  Gal Mama <3

She is such a damn cute, cute, cute gal and she has a super cute girl called Lilliana.
I always wonder how she has such a awesome body, because she is a mommy ^..^v!
But just wow. She also has a great sense for Gyaru fasion and mostly worn D.i.A, Ma*rs or Liz Lisa *O* <3<3She is so beautiful !!! Girl you rock!

She has such a pretty, pretty fac, and she lookd so japanese *O* 
Soo number 4 is my friend Jana.
She also wore the himegyaru style and she always inspire me in my style.
I´m so happy to have a hime friend in germany *O* <333
Jana has amazing outfits and mixed hime with lolita thats awesome!!!! like me a real Galita.
she has also Facebookpage <--or here blog check it . 

My next amazing inspiration is Amor Hilton.
She is 23 years old and from Usa. I really really love her style and her big hair.
I also like that she worn so many makeup.. like me *O* !!!!
She is stunning and I fuck of all her haters !! She is damn amazing !!!!!!!

My next inspiration is Tullip chan <3
She is from Thailand and a super cute girl.
I really love her outfits they were so damn cute and princess like <3<3<3<3

And my last inspiration for today is Kim DIXI.
I lovvve lovvve lovvve her style her hair, her makeup and her pics.
I  really hope that I can meet her one day.
She is really pretty !!!!

That´s all..

Okay that was all for today,
I hope you enjoyed my inspirations <333



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