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Short Hime Gyaru hair // Met friends

Hello princesses,

how was your week? I hope good ~ yes finally it's weekend. I haven't planned this much this weekend *hehe* because I need my full power for Halloween XDD...
Yeahh finally finally on Wednesday is Halloween. ^----^v
Awwww at the Kawaii pet Megu game is also Halloween <3<3<3
I will have a small horror Halloween party.. I hope all goes well.. <3
So but this week on Thursday Sazh and Jojo were in Düsseldorf and we met up. I was also invited Awww~~ !!! *happy mode*. Also Nina, Jessy and Binh were there. It was fun <3.
We didn´t took many pics but well, I think you don´t need a lot of pics in every post ^^.
We went to the OCS and after that to the Japanese noddle restaurant Naniwa.
It was so delicious. I wasn´t there for a long time ... <3
After that we went to MAC where Jessy wanted to buy a Lipstick.. Of course I also bought one in pink xDD..
Best Pic of the day... XD Derp faces. This was when Nina and I found out that we love the same breakfast cereals called "Nougat Bites"

Sweet Jojo , me Jessy, Sascha and Nina <3 Waiting ouside Naniwa

Yeahhh a compliment to Sascha who took this pic, It was almost the only pic in focus which he took with Binh's camera xDDDDDD

Jojo fixing my hair here <3 Awwwww~~~

Noodle soup

Jessy, me and Jojo <3<3<3

For this outfit I tried short Hime gyaru hair like Himena Ousaki ^^.
She inspired me a lot with this look ^^.
It is more elegant but you can see, you can als look like a Hime with short hair<3
Pic from Himena chans Blog ^^ Himena with short Hime hair

Today's outfit

Coat: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Esperanza
Bag: Liz Lisa x My Melody
Necklace: Princess Melody
Babydoll: Rojita
Skirt/Pan: Liz Lisa style

Todays coord <3




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