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New Purikura machine in Cologne // Halloween is near

Hello princesses,

yesterday I met my best friend Clint in Cologne.
We spend the whole day together. Short summary: First we went a bit shopping, then had something to eat at Pizzahut and went to the BoBoQ in Cologne at the Neumarkt. We had to go there because we received the info of a new Purikura machine there! More about that later in the post.

First to some random pictures for you ^---------^v~~

I saw Barbie drewn with chalk Awww~~~~~~ Barbie mets Barbie XDD
Ohhh gosh, Clint took a pic of me in Pizza Hut xD
We ordered Beer and Pizza <3. The big one was a Radler for her and the small a Kölsch for me *O*

The Pizza <3
whooo hooo  we saw some Halloween decorations *O* <333

kiss me <3333

Hello Mr. Skeleton XD

Taking a break ^-----------------^<3

I discovered a Princess chair *O* <3<3<3

More Halloween decoration *Q*
I bought some new items with Clint ^^.
And here I want to show you them <3<3<3
Finally a best friend necklace for Clint and me <3

Blood skeleton earrings Awwww~~

A Cotton candy necklace *O*

An awesome coffin ring *O* <3 You also can open it ^^

The new Katy Perry + Billy Talent Album <3<3 AWWEEEESSSOOOMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!

Today's outfit

Dress+ Shirt: One Spo
Shoes:Tao Bao
Headbow: Bodyline
Choker: La Pafait

Now to the Purikura machine in Cologne: It's placed in a new BoboQ store, close to Neumarkt. Here is how you can find it:

Here's my review: I did find it quite ok.
It costs 4 Euro and you can choose to take 1 - 5 pictures ^---^  .
They have a lot of different designs and decoration stamps. Since it's in BoboQ you can drink a Bubbletea if you're bored. The owner was also very friendly and showed us how the machine works.
Is it more a Notebook + a printer behind a Purikura shell.. This is a little bit sad but, well, I quite like the Puris. Not as good as the Tsubasa machine in Düsseldorf but better then the second older machine. Here ours:

Our Purikura <3
The positive aspect is that the owner can print you the Purikura as often as you want to. Every printout costs 4 Euros. This way everyone can have the same Purikura in big *O*<3 Give it a try, if you're in Cologne <3




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