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Movie Park Germany Halloween Event // New pink hair

Hello princesses,

last saturday Binh and me were with our friends Ina, Clint, Yuki, Alex, Steffi and Yukis brother at the Movie Park Germany ^----^<3. For all who don´t know, we have in Germany a big amusement park called Movie Park Germany. In October they have special events for Halloween. 
I was so exited for the whole week because I've planned this trip a long time agao...
But of course, as everything you're really looking forward to, things had to go wrong.. ;__;
I stood up in the moring with a headache.. but I still wanted to go to the Movie Park Germany.
So I tried to take a headache pill and went with my friends. Everything was more or less ok, but I still had a big headdache..

Death waiting at the entrance *O*
With my friends Ina and clint <3<3<3
I´m a scarecrow XD
You could see Halloween decorations everywhere - Spiders! *O*
Frist we wanted to visit the Van Hellsing attraction, but the waiting time was 2,5 hours!! WTF.... But still.. we queued in line.... XD 

Going to the Van Helsing attraction. Ok we have to wait more than 2 hours but it was awesome and funny !!!!
Santa Monica Pier <33
It was so cold outside and after 4 hours... I broke down due to my headache. T^T
We had to go to the first-aid-station for two hours. There I slept a bit and they have checked what is wrong with me.  I don´t know why I was so damn weaked. And that just on the day where I really want to have fun.... 
After two hours I felt a little bit better, but I took off my extensions and my fluffy coat, because I really didn´t feel very good at all... and it was dirty because I fell onto the ground ;_;
So don´t be surprised that I changed a lot from a Hime into a normal person in this post XDD
At 6pm I went out again because the Halloween special started ^^. I finally felt much better! Thanks God ^^- I really don´t know was it was.. but I had to come to the Moviepark on the Halloween special event.....
After some spooky sounds Monsters, Zombies started appearing around the park. Gosshhh it´s pure lovee and so scary!!
As if the day wasn't bad already, it began to rain <....< !!!!! Fu*k !!!

After my collapse we didn´t take many pictures, because we weren´t in the mood ... maybe you can understand. Honey still took some with his mobile though ^^

Today's outfit

Jacket: Ma*rs
Skirt: Princess Melody
Choker: Ebay
Boots: Offbrand

How about you? Do you enjoy going to amusement parks? Are there any Halloween events close to your place? Post a comment if you like <3




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