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Hime castle Sponser review // Hime gyaru online shop

Hello princesses,

It's time for a new Sponsor review.
This time I want to show you an amazing Hime Gyaru online shop.
The name of the shop is Himecastle
Please also visit their Facebook ^^ <3<3.
Hime castle ships worldwide and has very fast shipping. My items arrived after a few days which make me really happy ^^.
They give you also free shipping if you order for more than 100 Usd.
You will find amazing Hime Gyaru but also Gyaru stuff.
They also sell Brand stuff from Ma*rs, Yumetenbo, Dolly Wink,
Liz Lisa also...
You can buy everything for your Hime heart. From Phone cases, to makeup, wigs and of course clothes.

Today's Sponsor review items

1) Sexy Darkness fake black Eye lashes , come with glue

Item name: Darkness/ False Eyelashes 1 pair DR-X-UP5
Prize: 3.50$
Brand: Darkness
link: here

These lashes are really strong and they hold very long. I could wear them for almost a whole month and they still looked good.
It's really easy to put them with the glue on your eye and they hold almost the whole day. I really love the design of these lashes.
They look absolute stunning on your eyes and they made really long lashes. I think your eyes look very big with them like Doll eyes.
I am totally in love with these lashes!

With Darker Makeup:

With lighter Makeup:

2) Double Darkness fake black Eye lashes , come with glue

link: here
Item name: Darkness/ False Eyelashes 1 pair SUPER1
Prize: 3.50$
Brand: Darkness

It's the same brand than the other pair of lashes. They hold almost a whole month and I could wear them almost everyday and they still looked good. It's also very easy to put them on your eyes. These Eyelashes with double lashes which made amazing eylash batting and big eyes! 
I am really satisfied with these lashes. 

Pictures of me worn:

With closed eyes ...

From side...

3) Hime castle Babydoll (Flower print) Liz Lisa style

Color: pink/ white
Brand: Hime castle/ off brand
Size: S

I am absolutely in love with this Liz Lisa style Baby doll. This Baby doll is at the moment out of stock >.<. But Hime castle had a lot of other beautiful Gyaru clothing. Check it here
The prices are fair and the quality is very good.

Front <3

Lace detail ^^




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