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Hot weekend// movie and ice cream - stupid people yesterday

Hello princesses,
How are you all? I hope all fine after this really hot weekend here in Germany.
On Saturday it was really hot here in Germany and the air was so humid.
So I decided that I wouldn´t wear so much hime hair, I didn´t want to get dizzy xD.
I met my cute Yuki in Düsseldorf. But seriously only stupid people were outside yesterday I guess.Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ I don´t know why! Was it the weather? It starts for me that guys try to make pictures of me in the train, and then I said please I don´t want that you take pictures. And they didn´t stop. And pretended that they were doing something else on the phone. But they pointed the phone in my direction and try to hide it+ there came a flash ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ.... So I changed my seat.
It´s forbidden to make pictures in Germany without asking and also after I told them they didn´t stop.
The whole day was full with starring and comments...  凸(`△´+)
But we try to make a nice time together anyway. We went to the Japanmile and ate some Onigiri and went to the OCS for a final time (* ̄m ̄) .... They opened it again for a last sale. But the Purikura machines were not on  (;¬д¬)
R.I.P OCS <3 We will miss you.

Onigiri <3<3<3<3
 After that we ate some ice cream together, it´s the best thing you can do if it´s so warm and then we went to Yuki and Lana´s place^^.
There we watched three movies. It was so awesome. I love watching movies.
First we watched Dorian Gray, it was an awesome thriller. I love this movie.
So you should watch it! (Attention Spoiler under the below pictures, don´t read it if you don´t want to know!!!!)
Our Bags *^* <3
Ice cream time!!!!!
***Attention Spoiler !!!!!! Its a movie about a guy who drew a portrait of himself and made a pact with the devil that he will be always be young and beautiful, and everything bad that happend to him happened to his portrait instead. When he gets older or hurt himself it happens not to him, but this happens to the picture ! He also changed into a really bad character after a while and  also negative things he did, you could see later in the portrait.. I took pictures of his portait in the diffrent stages XDDD...

For Yuki only.. XD She was so scared of him. His diffrent stages

After that we also wached Requim of a dream. Seriously an awesome Drama and I wont spoil here. I just say its a movie about drugs and really really sad. You will think a long time about it.
And at the end with my hubby (He came to Yuki after work) we watched 8mm.
Also a really really good thriller with Nicolas Cage.
Yuki also made for us a small Dinner ^^.
Our refreshing Dinner ^^. Tuna and crautsalad and and egg ^^
My sweetie and I <3<3<3<3

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