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Hello Kitty@ McDonalds// Ma*rs outfit// My little Pony in TV

Hello princesses,

Hey I know, I know I didn't blog Gomenasai!!!
I hope you are all okay.
This week we went to McDonalds because they had Hello Kitty figures XD. This is a reason for me to go to McDonalds XD.
I ordered a kids meal and omg look at the small fries. I never saw such small fries. Soo~ cute!
It looks like toys. ^^
All Hello Kitty's in the showcase ^^ kawaii ne !!
My kids meal ^^ + a Vanilla Milkshake ^^
Me with a mustache ^^.. thinker pose!

Mommy fries and Baby fries ^^ <3 It looked really like toys fries...
It has the size from two chicken nuggets Awwwww~~~~~

After we ate our food we went to Kmart because we had to buy some food stuff. And I found so many super cute princess dresses, BUT for Babys. I wish I was a Baby sometimes XD..
But some day I want to have a small princess or a prince <3

I also found something for me and bought a new poodle bag!!!
As a lot of you know I love poodles so so much!!
I have at home a huge poodle bag collection. 
Here my newest member her name Pommes! means fries in English xD

Ohh yeah before I forget every morning when I woke up since I am here I watched My little Pony here on the TV. XD. It's so awesome you make the TV on and there is My little Pony, or Monter High ^^

Today's outfit

Babydoll+ choker: Ma*rs
Shirt: One Spo
ruffle shorts: Liz Lisa style
Mules: Jesus Diamante
Hat: Delyle + Tralala Bow and Monster high clip

and last but not least I want to show you a cute picture when I cuddle with Spike, honeys dog.
I love him so much and he always cuddle with me ^^




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