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Zalando Online shop: Sponsor review!

Hello princesses,

Here is a new Sponsor review. This time from the big internet shop Zalando. It's a really huge internet shop with more than 50 different designer Brands.
I found so much awesome stuff at Zalando, from shoes, to amazing dresses or accessories. It seems endless how much stuff they have.
It's a dream for every girl ^~^
And the best is they have free shipping costs + 30 days free returns.

Here are my favorites from the shop:

Brand: Iron Fist
Prize:around 98 Eur
Item name: LITTLE LAMBY - High heels - red
Link: here
These shoes are so awesome, more for rocking style but I just love them. I love the spikes and the small chain. They have a really cool design right? And kawaii dots ヾ(^∇^)

Brand: Molly Bracken
Prize: around 35 Eur
Item name: Molly Bracken scarf - white
This scarf reminds me a lot of japanese Brands, like Liz Lisa ヾ(^∇^). It looks so princessly and I love the Flower print.

Brand: Guess
Itemname: Guess MILITARY - Balconette bra - pink
Prize: around 30 Eur
I totally fell in love with this Guess Bra. Guess is one of my favorite Brands. I love the lace it looks super cute !!!

Today's Sponsor item

It was the first time I ordered something from Zalando, but the process was really easy. Everything is explained ^^.
the shipping was also really, really fast. I was kinda suprised when the postman rings at our door (I think it just took 3 days).
My item which I choose looks more rocking. 

Brand: Zign
Itemname: Zign Cowboy/Biker boots - black
Prize: around 116 Eur
Link: here
My opinion: These are awesome boots with rivets from the Brand Zign. They look absolute stunning. I wore them directly outside and the quality is really good! I totally love them! They were perfect for winter and keep your feet warm. I jump with them and they had a really good hold in them. I really can recommend them! It's a A+ from me!
My pictures:

Detail! I love the Details!

Worn by me:

I  would really recommend zalando to every girl. Because the selection is huge and I think every girl would find there something from a Princess to a rock girl they have almost everything what a girls heart wants.
+ If you love Brand stuff then Zalando is perfect for you.
You definately should check it out ^^
Click here ^^



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