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Puris with my Darling and Pizza hut

Hello cute Princesses, 
yeeess!!! Today Himena blogged (This pic is from her blog)!! I'm happy!!!!  She blogged this cute picture, too
She is so lovely and beautiful, isn't she?? 

 Okay, today was so warm day. And we decided  to drive to Düsseldorf for some new Puris. I loove puris, but I didn't have that many with Binh my darling.

I bought some small things in OCS for 2 euros. Sticker and a phone charm, with a mirror <3<3 so cute

Sooo~ then, we were very hungry and went to pizza hut *yummy* !!We love it <3<3<3<3
There is a cheezy menu!! For only 20 euro. 
You get one starter, we decided for potato wedges <3
Then one cheezy crust pizza and one dessert, we ordered cookie dough<3<3<3

 Pictures from Binh and me <3<3<3 He is so cute !! <3<3

 Okay honeys, do you want to see my outfit for today ?? I tried another hairstyle. It's cute, isn't it??

Okay tomorrow we'll visit Charlotte in Selm <3<3<3 And we are going have a little shooting in lolita <3<3<3 
And next saturday I'm finally going to meet my friends in lolita!!! This is going to be a lot of fun <3<3 I´m so happy <3<3<3 And I'm looking forward to see them <33
kay, here a funny pci from Himena, her face. Omg !!!! She looks like: I will kill you!!!xDDD
Byeeee and sleep well. 
and don't forgot dream from ice cream <3<3<3 *-*
PPS: I decided to decorate my chocolate mirror, here is the result:


  1. How sweet your bf is to take puri kura with you! and I really love those hamster stickers hehe

  2. The pizza looks soo...good. I want one too. xD
    Himena is such a cute cat and the puris are sweet.

  3. Ahww~ die puris sind so süß :-) bitte grüßt Charlotte von mir ^^
    ich freue mich aufs Wochenende <3

  4. aw die bilder von euch sind so süß x3
    und du siehst so gut aus

    und omg die pizza : O~

  5. AW such cute photos of you two! *^0^*
    - and that food looks very yummy! O_O!

    I really like your outfit, it's so nice! pink x black = win! XD

  6. Tolle Frisur *_*!!!
    Deine Haare sehen echt schön aus

  7. Sooo cute puris with your man!! You two are so beautiful! Love your hairstyle and your outfit! is it a Ma*rs skirt? I love this brand, but I just have a belt from Ma*rs.
    Anyway I love & follow your blog, and that's why I'm really happy you follow mine too! See ya doll!

  8. @さらまり : thank you so much honey <3<3<3!!yeah the puris are very cool! I love puris !!!
    My boyfriend chose the stickers. <333
    @さくらガール : Awww thank you, now I looked the pictures and want the pizza, too xDDD
    @Alice: konnten ncht zu charlotte aus familären Gründen, erzähl ich dir am Samstag ;_;..
    @suzu: vielen Dank meine süße <3<3<33<3love u
    @Jeongie ~ ☆:Awww thenk you soooo much. yes Iblove black pink hehe!!!!!thanks for the comment.
    @candyheart♥: dnkeschön süße !!!!!Himena hat diese Frisur öfters ^^
    @Ly☆: thankks so much *blush* yeah Ma*rs is soo lovely I loovvveeee it <3<3<3


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