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in Düsseldorf with my honey again

Hello cuties <3<3<3
today I went to Süsseldorf with my honey.
Saturday is a Lolita Meetup and my honey wanted to rent something for his camera. ^---^
So we went to Düsseldorf in a camera shop ^^. 

Originally we wanted to take some purikura, but noooooooo ... OCS was closed today. 
They had an inventory.
So we went to the post office and then to to camera shop. 
There I made a photo for you O.o!! so expensive O.o

Okay and we went to Takumi !!*yummmmy* I really love Takumi !!!!!
here is our food :

On the way back we saw a japanese guy. And he had an AWESOME style ! 
He was really friendly. I love his suitcase.
Ok my Outfit today : (very Liz Lisa style)
Skirt: Liz Lisa
shirt, shoes: Dream V
Headbow: JD
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Sorry Himegyarugeisha, I planned to make a puri for you but I couldn't ;__; !!!
I take some next time, when I'm in Düsseldorf

Bye Bye 

SuiPrincess ^^ 

PPS : A cute pic from my kitty Himena, yesterday night she fell asleep in my arms *---* Awwwww


  1. You always look fabulous!! *o* your bf and you make a very cute couple!! (L)

  2. I love your cat and Takumi is amazing. I want to go there again soon T____T
    And... the guy looks awesome O_O

  3. Awwwwwwwwww thanks soo much <3 honeys <3<3

  4. Ooh, the food looks yummy! *__* And you look so adorable in that outfit. ♥

  5. du bist so hübsch x3
    und du siehst echt toll aus *O*

    ich möchte auch so gerne ne schleife von JD ;_;
    hast dus gut x3

    ich finds so süß das ihr so viel unternehmt.
    ihr seit echt ein tolles paar x3

  6. @Tricia: Yeahhh It taste so good!!!!!thanks so much.
    @suzu: musst du erade sagen du Schönheit XD!!!Schau manchmal auf closetchild, da bekommste evtl eine ganz günstig. da hab ich meine eine auch her-


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