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Cinema and funny day with Laura and Jacqui

Hello again cuties <3
today was a very, very funny day !! I met Laura and Jacqui and we went to Düsseldorf <3<3<3 
It was so much fun ^^. First we went to OCS and then to the asian supermarket.

We took many Purikura <3<3<3<3

Awww I LOVE Puris <33 I bought something in OCS.A Letterset and a My Melody Purse <3 So cute
And something from the asian supermarket. Green tea and noris <3 LOVE !!

Then we were very hungry and went straight to Takumi. On the way we met Kei, Jana, Ai and some other friends! It's so funny. And we decided to eat together ^^. 

But then.... 

Kei went to smoke with the others and when were ready they mysteriously disappeared. ;_____; !!! 
So we went to the cinema. 
And then I saw my little sister. So funny !!! I met so many friends today xD <3<3<3 Love you all!
We watched the film "das Ritual" - "the Rite". The movie was very good and so scary! O.o 
But we had a lot of fun ^----^<3
My Outfit: 

Okay Bye cuties.. 
Sleep well!!!!! 




  1. aw,ur awesome)
    and im sad 'cause in Russia there are no shop like that and purikura(((

  2. So cool!!! Your hair arrange is awesome!! *o* You always look perfect!!!

  3. der tag ist viel zu schnell rum gegangen =(
    aber war voll toll =)

  4. die puris sind toll ! und dein outfit ebenso *O*
    du siehst echt toll aus x3

  5. The purikura are especially so cute!

  6. @japanese wife: ohh nooooo!! then visit me in Germany xD then we can take some puris xD !!
    thank you honey <3
    @nenacho:Awwww.. you are so cute! thank you. you look always extra awesome, too xD <3<3<3<3<3
    @Alice: das stimmt jetzt wieder auf samstag warten udn dann slunchen XD
    @suzu: vielen, vielen dank honey <3<3<3<3<3
    @さらまり: thank u! I want to make some with u ;__;

  7. yeah
    it'd be great)
    btw, i hope i will be able to visit Germany in summer)


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