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My collection of (Hime) accessories

Hello princesses,
today I want to show you my accessories. I have soo many!! And I love them all. 
Other girls are shoe- or bag freaks. Yes, I love bag and shoes,too. 

But what I really love are accessories!!!
Every time when I´m shopping I find cute accessories.
But for me, a Hime Gyaru, is it important that the accessoires look sweet. 
But I like elegant accessoires, too. ^----^<3<3<3<3
What's about you? Do you love accessoires, too?? 

My rings:
I really love the poodle ring and the last ring is my engagement ring. <3<3<3<3

Then here you can see my bracelets: 

I really love pearl bracelets. *__* !! 

Then my earrings:
earrings are so important for me. If I lose an earring or forget to wear them, I feel so naked. O.o
I really love in the first line the second pair *_*
I found them in a small punk store in Düsseldorf *__* <3<3

Then my necklaces <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

My melody necklace *___* !! I found it on ebay. And my beloved Ma*rs necklace. <3<3<3

And finally my hair accessoires!! I really love things for my hair !!!! But in Germany it is very difficult to find some cute things >--< !! 
Many German people don´t like  hairbows.
The most of them wear a pigtail. But in some stores if you look closely, you can find cuutttte accessories <3

Okay, in the next days I might show you my bags xD !!!

Bye Bye 
thanks for reading <3<3<3


P.s look what shady made for me *______________*


  1. die sachen sind alle so hübsch *__*

  2. wow)nice collection,bby <3
    im so obsessed with accessories too
    i feel so nacked when i forget to wear my rings -_- ugh
    actually,i make cute accessories by myself ^^

  3. *__* ich möchte im falle deines ablebens bitte deine haaraccessoires erben xDD und die ketten <3

  4. amazing collection! i am super jealous!!

  5. wow das ja alles so toll. gerade die haarsachen. ich liebe auch haarsachen, aber trage irgendwie immer das gleiche. gerade weil es in deutschland wirklich nicht einfach ist, was tolles zu finden.
    und ich hab auch so ein haarband (der japanische name ist mir gerade entfallen..) mit draht drin aber irgendwie bin ich zu dumm das mir rein zumachen

  6. very cute! Especially the first few rings. I love giant rings!

  7. wonderful things, may I ask where you got your usamimis?
    and yeeey I have the same "we pray for japan" bracelet ^-^

  8. cute stuff!! ^^ i dont really wear much accessories! ><
    I'm too scared to take of my expensive diamond earrings my grandmother got me incase I lose them T-T
    And I always wear the necklace my boyfriend bought me for our 1st month anniversary! :P It's been a year now since I've worn it~ and it's still very shiny xD

  9. @all thanks soo much <3<3<3
    @selaya: Natürlich erbst du das alles ^^<3<3<3
    wenn du es dann noch willst xD !
    @Asuka: One Usamimi is from H&M and the other from Primark ^^


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