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What a day... with japanese food

today a doctor checked my eye. There's nothing bad. ^------^<3 Maybe I´m allergic to my Dolly Wink eyeglue ;___; !!! 
But enough... from this boring talk.
First I want to show you 3 of my favorite purikura from last Saturday. Laura uploaded them. 

In the evening my honey and me went to cologne. I needed a birthday present for my friend Sian (Himegyarugeisha). Her birthday is 13th of June. I really wish I could visit her ;___; !!
I´m so happy I found something. But I can´t show you, because she reads my blog. xDDD 
I also found some stuff for me. 
I needed new shampoo and conditioner. I hope it´s good.
Then a new accessories shop opened in cologne. I found a pair beautiful cheap earrings. 
And another pair at Tally Weijl. I really like them, and you ??
And a new flower dress for summer. I really like the print. And want to show it to you worn in a few days ^^.

Then my honey was hungry so we went to Akira, a japanese restaurant. 
I really love the food there. It´s delicoous. Here the pictures. 
I really can recommend you the restaurant!! It´s very good and the staff members are so friendly <3<3<3 
*pictures will follow --- our mini laptop is dead ;______; *

Here you can see my outfit from today. 
                                                               My eyemakeup 
                                   xDDD me and my little piglet <3<3<3 I bought it in America.

Soo~ then Binhs dad visited us today. He bought some cake for us. 
(Because Saturday was Binhs birthday). It looks soooo cute and expensive O.o !!
But it tastes soo good:

Finally, thank you so so so much for 200 Followers *-------------------* !! I´m so happy about this. 
I never thought that so many people would want to read this blog. 
As little thank you from me, I want to start a small giveaway tomorrow. 
I hope you will like it. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 

Bye Bye my princesses 



  1. ahhh wie leckere kleine törtchen *_____________*

  2. das wollte ich auch gerade schreiben *-*
    + die puris sind toll geworden!

  3. The purikura are very lovely! Wow those cakes are really amazing, I think too good looking to eat haha!

  4. pretty purikura))))
    cakes look so tasty *O*
    i'd eat them all *_*


  5. @all :thanks for your comments <3<3<3 And the cake was sooo good ~ !! I want to eat more like that xDD

  6. Oh nooo, that would suck if you were allergic to the eyelash glue! At least there's nothing wrong ^^ And wow, that dress is really cute!! I can't wait to see photos of you wearing it ♥

  7. Hi! thank you for commenting my blog earlier ^-^
    You're so pretty! I love your hair *_*
    and those cakes are super cute! looks delicious~~

  8. Thanks to Tricia and Rikku *___* <3<3<3<3<3


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