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Rose Toilette Lolita meetup

hello princesses,

yesterday we had a special lolita meetup in Düsseldorf!! We all wore Rose Toilette from Angelic Pretty!!!!
This is my absolutely favorite Angelic Pretty print. I looooove this dress <3<3<3<3<3<3<3.

All my girls looked sooo awesome !!!!!!
Binh took a lot of beautiful pictures <3. Thank you honey <3<3<3<3<3
We made the photos at castle Jägerhof. It´s in the middle of the city ^^.

 fight pose xDDD

 our cute doll shoes <3

our red rose toilette girls. Nina and Nora <3<3

                                            Our pink rose toilette girls me, Laura and Svenja

our black Rose Toilette girl Maren, and black memorial cake girl Laura 3

Take a look some of my girls have a blog, too: Laura, Maren, Nina

Ok after we took pictures, we were very hungry !!! ;___; !!
So we went too.. Pizza hut <3<3<3 
We all love it. And we had a lot of fun there with many interesting topics xDDD!!!!

Of course we also took some puris ^^. 

Okay enough picture spam <3<3<3!!



  1. omg i love the pic after the fight pose. It looks so awesome !!

  2. All of you are very pretty and cute<3!

  3. every lolita looks super)))
    like ur outfit

  4. Tolle Fotos :D
    Ich glaub eines der schwarzen Kleider hab ich sogar selbst *__*
    Wie ich euch beneide,dass ihr sowas macht, in Berlin is sowas ja unvorstellbar >__>
    haha aber armer Freund ;P Einziger Junge :D

  5. so cute~! ^^ i really like the photo of you eating! LOL :3

  6. SO CUTE! :D

    I'm happy for your Himena autograph! Yay Diane!

  7. So much cuuute!

  8. Oh what a nice meeting each color of dress is nice, and you look great in the bonnet!

    Congrats on Himena's autograph! How kind of Diane to think of you^^

  9. Ah~ Ihr seht alls so toll aus *______*
    ich bin richtig Traurig nicht da gewesen zu sein ;___; ich vermisse euch so sehr!

  10. @all: thanks soo much for your commets <3<3<3<3
    I´m very happy that you like it <3


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