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A day with my two sisters

Hello princesses,
first don´t forget my giveaway for you ^^
http://suiprincess.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-first-giveaway-for-you.html <--- klicki...
Today I was in Düsseldorf with my two sisters. 
We had a lot of fun!!! Right girls ?? My youngest sister made her first puris today.
And she loves it *hihi* !!!!
Okay here you can see the puris:

I really love the puris <3<3<3<3<33! 
Here my outfit from today:

 Here my new Ma*rs shirt:

 Then.. here you can see my new glowing jewelry mouse!!! I lovvveeeee it <3<3<3<3
And here I took a photo from my dinner *___* !!  My honey bought strawberrys for me.. 

So then I 'm really sorry for yesterday. My honey and me had a big fight. 
But now everyting is okay. I´m very happy about that. 
We're in a relationship since 3 years (19.05.11) !!

Okay Bye Bye 



  1. Schön, wenn ihr das klären konntet. War getroffen, als ich das bei fb las o:
    3 Jahre sind wirklich eine lange Zeit & ich wünsche euch auch für die Zukunft alles Gute =)

  2. omigosh I love your mouse!

  3. da hatte man ja ein richtigen schreck bekommen >__> aber nun ist ja alles weider gut <3

    die puris sind oberniedlich <3

  4. awww..sweet siblings~
    bonding with each other.:)
    Congrats on your relationship hope that it will last long.

  5. awwwhh~ You and your sisters are so cute >w<
    I dont think I'll ever take puris with my sister, she's too annoying LOL
    and I ♥ your outfit~

  6. Ist doch klar, dass es nicht 3 Jahre lang ohne Streit geht. Is bei mir ja auch nicht anders. Aber das schöne ist doch, dass es nur nen kleinen Teil ausmacht und die schönen Zeiten überwiegen und wenn ihr euch wieder aufrafft, stärkt das eure Beziehung nur ♥

  7. Wow!!! Love your mouse!!! <3

  8. I'm glad to hear that everything is okay with you and your boyfriend. And I also love your mouse! ♥

  9. @all: many many thanks for your lovely comments ^^.
    I´m very happy that all is okay <3<3<3

  10. Awww its okay for you and your boyfriend to fight~ as long as you know how to deal with it and then your love with get stronger!! ^^

  11. @fernLi :yeah that´s right *_*!
    thanks so much my cutie girl<3<3


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