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I´m so happy, we're going to Japan! 3 years together with my honey

Hello princesses,

omg omg omg omg omg !!! Today me and my honey have our 3rd anniversary.
I´m so happy that everything is fine with our relationship.

We may have fights but we are still in LOVE !!!
And my honey just made me the best present for our anniversary ever!!!
First he gave me a ring.
The ring is so beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!!
I never got such a beautiful ring from anybody! Thank you my darling <3<3<3<3
I  think thats the best gift that a boy can make a girl. It's so romantic. <3<3<33<3
But then he also gave me some tickets to Japan as a present!!
I can't believe it !!!! I´m so so so happy !! ;______________; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're going to be in Japan starting 2nd June for 8 days ! I´m sooo happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Japan here we come XD !
That's our first time in Japan. *_*
Then I bought myself this towel from OCS. I'll probably need it in Japan
Yes, today we were in Düsseldorf.
We wanted to check out the location for our lolita photoshooting: Castle Jägerhof.

I took there some pictures for my girls.

Then we took some puris on our anniversary, ate ice cream and drank a cola <3<3

 And here is my outfit from today <3<3<3<3 I love the set!! It's one of my dream sets from Ma*rs !

Ohh yeah and my new Ageha arrived today !!!
There is sooo much Himena in it <3<3<3<3 *;*

Bye Bye 


SuiPrincess <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


  1. OMG I'm so happy for you two! Congratulation! I wish you so much luck for the future :)) Amazing!

  2. I am glad you guys worked it out! So excited for you and your bf going to Japan!!! TAKE LOTS OF PICS!!! EEEE you'll finally get to meet Himena too!

  3. das ist so toll *__*
    schön das ihr euch versöhnt habt!

    also fliegt ihr jetzt 2x dieses Jahr?? neid <333

  4. ich bin sooooooooooooooo neidisch süße =D heute ists 1 jahr her dass ich rüber geflogen bin *sniff* du wirst soooo viel spaß haben ^___^ ich werd dich samstag sooo zulabern mit infos wo du was findest etc =D

  5. I'm glad things turned out fine bw you and your bf. It's super awesome that you gonna go to Japan too *jelly xD*

  6. lucky girl *_* oh man da fehlen einem wirklich die worte <:

  7. I'm so happy for you and its awesome. 3 years is such a long time.
    Enjoy it <3

  8. awww you look so cute with your honey!

  9. Aaaah, jetzt bin ich echt gigantisch neidisch! Ich mag auch (wieder) nach Japan fliegen! (schon 5 Monate wieder hier... meh) *---* Das ist echt eine tolle Überraschung von deinem Freund. Klasse, find ich echt toll!

  10. awww you two are so cute together =)
    you're flying to japan, I'm so jealous ^^' heheh
    you look great and by the way where did you order your ageha if I may ask?

  11. Aww congrats to you two ♥
    I'm so happy for you two, have a good time in Japan :)

  12. woah!! nach japan! ich wünsch euch beiden viel spaß ♥

    und ich bin so froh, dass ihr noch zusammenseid und so
    das mit dem kurzzeitigen single auf fb hatte mich SO geschockt.
    das mag zwar doof klingen und so. aber erst vor einiger zeit hab ich so gedacht: die zwei sind einfach so ein süßes couple ♥
    da darf man echt neidisch drauf sein <3;;

  13. Awwww I´m so so so happy about your lovely comments!Thanks soo much ;__; !!!!!
    you all are sooo cute love you <3<3<3
    @Cassadra: I hope it soo that I can meet her!! I surch her in japan xD !!
    And then I took a lot of pictures for you. I plan to blog there every day for you <3<3<33
    @candyheart: ja, genau in nicht mal 2 Woch ^^!!
    @Selaya: Du bist die beste danke schatzi !!Ich mach für euch sogar nen Liveblog, dann seht ihr immer was ich gemacht habe ^^ mit fotos!!ich hoffe das klappt ^^.
    @Asuka: I bought the Ageha every month from ebay. It´s expensive I know. But It´s a must have for me xDD

  14. gooooosh,Sui) im so happy for u))
    its great)
    ur bf made the best present ever)
    u're cute as always <3

  15. @japaneyse wife: thank you honey <3<3<3*-*


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