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TV Tower in düsseldorf // ♡ Primero LA outfit ♡

Hello princesses,

How are you all? I hope fine. It´s time again for a new post. ♡꒰⑉♞௰ૢ♞꒱ ♡
This week my hubby and I made a small trip to the Düsseldorf TV tower. My cute sister Maddy told me about it and that you can visit the tower. I was kinda scared to go up there because I have fear of heights.(´;Д;`)💦💦 we were on the 168th floor.
But I still go up with my hon, he hold me the whole time by the hand because I´m such a yellow-belly x''D. It´s really really nice up there. You can sit, and there is a small cafe where you can order cake or drinks. (A couple floors up is the 172th and then a restaurant but we didnt visit it). You can relax (if you are not that scared). For an adult person you pay just 4 Eur and you ride up on the elevator in a couple secounds ♡♡♡
We took the subway until Heinrich heine Alle and walked the rest of the way ^^ ~ ♡♡♡.

Here you see Wuppertal X''D .. far, far away ^^
I was so scared so lay on the Glass. It took almost 30 minutes until I could do this.. X'''D It looks a little bit like I want to jump ^^
My babe just chill there (ノдヽ)

꒰*✪௰✪ૢ~ ♡♡♡
 But at the end I was brave enough for one pic to lay on the Glass... with closed eyes and on my back
꒰ ´͈ω`͈꒱✨✨ I´m so glad, because I really like this picture ~ and After this we ate ice cream together ♡(b*´3`*d) ♡

I also bought things on that day
New shorts from Molly Bracken (ノ∀;`)♡
New shoes from Jumex ♡(〃´ノω`〃)

Today's outfit

Thats it for today ♡(〃´ノω`〃) ♡. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment  ♡ ♡ ♡


♡ SuiPrincess ♡


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