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Sponsor review: MeltyWish jewelry and accessories

Picture from the MW Facobook page!
Hello princesses,

Today I make a new Sponsor review.
This time I want to show you the amazing MeltyWish online shop(Facebook).
The cute LizJuice from Germany is the talented jewelry and accessories designer of MeltyWish. She put a lot effort in every detail. And her work is just amazing. She has also a personal Blog, too. Check it out, you will not doubt it.
MeltyWish ships from Germany but worldwide. You can check all the items on the Facebook page <--- (click me) out and order via Facebook message. But MeltyWish makes also custom items. So, if you are looking for something, just contact LizJuice or the Meltywish page and she will make it for you if she can.
You will find in her Online Facebook shop a lot of stuff you can wear to Himegyaru, Lolita, Fairy kei and other japanese fashion styles. But you can also wear the items to a totally normal outfit and it will pimp every normal Outfit!

Today's Sponsor review itmens

1) MW Star ring (color: baby pink)
The ring is really comfortable to wear. I worn it now a couple times and I never hang or stuck on something. I had it lot with other rings >..< but not this one. The star and ring itself is not heavy at all so it is also really nice and  you can move easily with it because it´s really light. I have really small fingers (usually size xs) and it fits perfect. It´s not to big or too small. But if you have  bigger fingers, no problem at all. You can make the ring bigger. It´s an adjustable ring (fits definately everybody).
You don´t really see it in my picture but the color is sparkling pink *^*and it sparkles in the sun. On the ring you see a ''MW''. I think the design is super awesome and not too much.It´s just super cute.
I like this ring a lot and I think the quality is really good. I've worn the ring now for over a week straight and it didn´t change.

2) Cross Chocker (color: baby pink)
The chocker is really comfortable to wear, you barely feel it on your throat. At the beginning I thoght a couple times I probably lost it because I didn´t feel it at all.
It´s also a resizable necklace, so you can choose where it fits the best.They will fit around any pretty neck. I worn it a couple  of times a little looser then a little closer. But I seriously never felt it at all.
I think the design is perfect! I choose this chocker for me (I could choose what ever  I wanted to try out) because I fell in love with the design.The little ribbon and the high quality silver cross is just perfect together, It looks elegant and cute when you wear it. And it´s not to much for every day. But it also looks awesome in a outstanding outfit like in himegyaru. I show you in my pictures some examples how you can wear it.. 
MeltyWish has this chocker of course  in different colorways. So You can choose the color which fits the best to you. I think the quality is really good too. I worn the chocker also now for over a week straight and it didn´t change at all. I only made a small makeup stain in it. But this is only because I chose a light baby pink ^^''.But the material is easy cleanable with water and a little bit soap. I tried it out and it didn´t damage the chocker.

It´s a ribbon and on the ribbon is a small star. under the ribbon you see a small high quality siver cross.
Even on the chain closure is a small star. I really like this detail *^* It´s so cute!
 Pictures of me wearing the items:

Ring and chocker together *^* <3<3<3<3<3
I worn the chocker to one of my Japanese streetfashion outfits. I think it fits perfect to this outfit.
From the side...
The chocker worn to himegyaru! I think it fits perfect!

And here you see it also on a complete normal outfit. I think it seriously pimped the whole outfit!!!!
 The prices are also really fair and I think that MeltyWish has really nice products.
I definately will order more there in the future. So check it out you will definately not regret it.

Here a picture of me and the cute designer of MeltyWish: LizJuice. I met her at the Dokomi Convention in Germany. ***Sorry I look a bit deerpy, but it was so warm that day***

Love you guys and please write a comment,



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