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Pastel pink hair// Dokomi convention

Hello princesses,

How are you everyone? I hope you are all okay :3
First of all I finally bleached my hair again to get A lighter pink hair color. I waited a while, because I didn´t want to destroy it even more. After I bleached my hair and washed it out it was still pink. But a really light pastel pink. It was so so beautiful and I wish I could keep that color!!! But I had to put some color over it because my roots where blonde. So I mixed my directions with a lot of conditioner. Well... It turned out darker then I wanted it but I still like it a lot! I´m so glad I still have lighter pink  hair.
After I bleached it... <3<3<3<3 it´s so perfect!!! (In the next pictures you can see how my hair looks at the moment after I dyed it)
 last weekend was the Dokomi. The Dokomi is a Anime Convention here in Germany. It´s really nice that it is so close to my home, because it is located in Düsseldorf. But at the moment (or that weekend) it was really hot in germany, around 32 °C or 89.6 °F . A lot people love it when it´s really warm like my Hubby he absolutely loves it- NOT ME! The problem is, that I guess my body is not made for hot days. I always Feel really dizzy (doesn´t matter how much I drink), I have always A headache and feel nauseous. Usually I prefer to stay home when it´s over 30°C x''D! But yeah as I said it was the Dokomi and I wanted to see some of my friends so we decided to go there. Because of the weather and because I didn´t feel good that day I decided to not wear lolita fashion. So I wore something lighter. A Princess Outfit for hot days.
I was really really happy to go there also when I was completly dead after that day.
Clint& Clint <3<3<3<3
With the cuties Joey and Ina, the both worked for Dunkelsüß (we look like blossom  bubbles and buttercup)
The Dunkelsüß stand. You could have bought really awesome stuff there. I also bought A strawberry pin for me. ^^
I also met Steven *1* <3<3<3 I´m always so happy when I can see him, because he lives so far away!
Isn´t that cute?? *^* Joey showed me that on a diffrent stand *^*
My cute friend MissNeko was also there. So glad I saw her. She was also working so we could only talk a little. But look at her, she looked so beautiful !!!!
The Pastel Plush hell!!!!
When Ina and I strolled a bit around we saw the cute Ruiza
A awesome Sailor Moon group *1* <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
And I was super happy to meet the super cute Sheepcream again!!!!! *1*, unfortunately we had some photobombers xD
 I also bought some things at the Dokomi here I want to show you what:
My new Bon Bon Ribbon plushie <3
A Stawberry pin (bought at Dunkelsüß, Brand: Vanillas Traumfabrik), two Sailor moon brouches (Gashapons) and a Monomi plush <3<3<3<3<3

Today's Berry Berry outfit

***I wore the Princess Melody outfit, but I felt kinda uncomfortable, because I really don´t like pants on me. Especially short ones..well...
Shorts, Babydoll, Hairbow: Princess Melody 
Bag: present from my frriend Rin, pimped by me
Shoes: DreamV
Necklace: Jesus Diamante

Here you see my bag, I pimped it so it looks like the ''Princess Melody'' print. <3

That´s it for today please leave me a comment if you want. I would be super happy.



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