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London day two / Camden market ~ Part 1

Hello princesses,

On the second day we all decided to go first to camden market. A lot of people told me from this and that  there will be a lot of stuff for my husband so we really wanted to check it out.
My family wasn´t there before either. (They were last year already in London).
I really really really love camden market. so many lovely stores. So much unique stuff. I almost found in every store stomething. thats crazy!
I took some pictures for you. And if you are in London, visit this place!
With my love!!!! In the underground station!
I really like this coke commercial with Elvis. So I had to take a picture of it!
Isn´t that a cute little town *°*
Directly on the street was the mad hatter and made a not birthday party!! Amazing!! He was so friendly. And we were so happy to do pictures with him!!!!!
 And then I found the store!!! YES THE STORE of my life. Seriously I wish I wish I had more money with me. Its called ''irregular choice'' and omg ! Thats my heart inside it!!!!
I took so many pictures inside it and I will definately order more from them because just look.
OMG I love it. I saw this shoe also one day before with Chewiee one day it will be mine...
I was so close to buy this one ;3;
The floor inside the store!!!
 After that we were kinda hungry so we went to poppies and ate fish and chips.
And kyaaaa next heart attack for me. The people inside poppies looked amazing. It was so retro *^*.
The only thing I was thinking was seriously :Kawaiiiiiii~
And the fries were in newspaper !!!! Isn´t that super cute ??
That car was directly in front of poppies. Sorry I was just so in love with this food store. I can´t anymore!!!!!
We continued shopping and strolled a little bit more around.
I took some cool snaps for you. I hope you enjoy them

My favorite vintage store *^*
Vanilla London. Just looked ,like Liz lisa. I bought there a lot ^^
I love this!!!!!!
You want a snack??
Is there a problem officer??
I found it -!!!!!! THE WORLDS END :D
I love this even more!"
 But that was not the end of the day. We wanted to see a lot more from London because we only had 3 days. So more in the next post!
I hope you liked it ^^ .
I´m a huge fan of london now!




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