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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
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I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
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This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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2 super cute reviews ☆Kawaiimono☆ & ☆Koakuma resin Charms☆

Today is time for 2 new Sponsor Reviews ♪( ´θ`)ノ♡ And I'm really really really proud that I can make them for you.
The first shop I can highly recommend is ♡Kawaiimono♡ <-- click me!

Her instagram:_kawaiimono_   <-- click me too! she makes custom cases in every design for you! You need one for your new phone? I pod ? Nintendo, mirror or some super cute earphones? Then you are right at Kawaiimono! she also makes super cute Lolita Accessoires. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ☆ Some of you know that I'm iPhone case addicted xD ! I love to switch them, and have so many already! But I just love to have a matching case with a matching outfit 😍
The cute shop is located in Germany and ships worldwide.  The cute owner of Kawaiimono is Mabu chan, she updates her page weekly. So check it out there are always super cute new creations.    The item I want to show you from her is a iphone6 case, but it's available for almost every phone. Just send her a message ^^. I was looking everywhere for a Swankiss themed phone case. But I couldn't find one.. TvT but Mabu chan made one for me! And it's perfect! It's inspired by the Swankiss design with a lot of candy and glitter. On a big Heart with ruffles it says "Swankiss"😍😍😍💗💙 because MiMi (みみ) is my favorite shop staff she included also a heart for her! That's so perfect! In blue! My second favorite color💙💙💙! And she even made a My Melo chan on my case. So everything I like on one case!  I really love this case! So if you want something special just contact her she can make a lot and she is really creative even if you have not really a idea how it should look! She helped me a lot and a lot ideas were from her! But of course you can also make offers!  The quality is really really good, I still have all pearls on the case and I drop my phone a lot >~<!  I think its kinda hard to find cute stuff in Germany or europe. So I love to share this with you!
 Here some pictures for you if my new beloved baby *^*

(Full Outfit: Dress, Earrings, Shoes: Swankiss, Cardigan, Bra: Forever 21, Necklace: Princess Melody)

Today as I said I will make 2 Sponsor Reviews the second one is for cute jewelry! I'm just jewelry and phone case addicted so I think this matches perfect! You can never have enough from both right!!?? A phone case or the right jewelry can change a outfit or give it "the cherry on top" ! The second shop I want to reccomend you is "Koakuma resin charms" <-- click me Yuki´s instagram <-- click me too!!!!from the cute owner Yuki! I know her in person and she is such a Sweetheart! 
The cute Koakuma shop is located in Germany and ships also worldwide. I found her store and directly fell  in deep love with her designs! I'm serious! ♪( ´θ`)ノ♡ She made everything with so much love and put so many details in! You also can choose a color of the charm and necklace, what kind of necklace you want, and glitter or clear! So you can choose ur favorite !! 

 1) I'm a real Mermaid (color: white/ sax)

The choker is really comfortable to wear and really really light you really don't feel it at all! I was the whole time checking if I have it still one because it's really light! Which is a big plus because it's really big, so I thought it might hurt my neck after a while!   I wore it now a couple times and it still looks like at the beginning. The color didn't change or anything I always make this test because I got some stuff and well, after wearing it one time it looked dead xD!
It's a little hard to see it in my picture  because it's clear and sax and I'm really pale and worn a sax colored dress! I'm a genius! << But it matches the outfit so well! In real life u obviously see it directly! I was looking since forever for a good mermaid necklace but eather they were to expensive or too boring! But her prices are totally fair and her stuff is not boring at all!

Full Outfit, Dress, Shoes: Swankiss, Top: OneSpo, Bag: Top shop, Flower crown: Eyecandy, Necklace: Princess Melody)

2) Fuck you Glitter Heart ( Color: purple/ dark Blue)
I saw that necklace and just needed to buy it right away! Its so cool! First I saw it in other colors in her shop ( I think it was Black/geen) And I was like Its awesome but I dont Know if it will match with a lot of stuff from me. But I anyway wanted it.😂 But yuki told me if I want she could make it in any color. So I chose blue/ purple! I just love blue lately *^*! It is one of my favorite necklaces I've own! It has such a MiMi vibe and reminds me of my husband :D his favorite color( purple) + his favorite word( fuck) xD!!! Its the same Material like the other necklace so Its really light *___*! And I dont think the charm itself can break, it's really stabile. So you don't have to worry :)

Full Outfit: Everything: Forever 21, Shoes: Moni, Hat: Flea market, Bag: Primark)
I´m so in Love with Koakuma resign charms that I already made a new order there. Its a Swan necklace *1* ! And of course I bought it. But I will get it at the Dokomi this year, of course I will show you pictures. She was inspired by me to produce the necklace *^^^^* such a honor!!!
Yuki´s picture ^^

Thats it for today. Please check Kawaiimono and Koakuma resin charms out you will not regret it!!!
Love you!!!

And write me a comment of course


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