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My London trip , the first day

Hello princesses,
For easter my hubby, my family(mom, dad and sisters) and I went to London.
Our trip started at Friday night. 2am we went to the airport. When we were ready to enter the airplain we got the awesome message that our flight is 4 hours late. I couldn't decribe our faces. we were so mad. I mean we could sleep so much longer ;3;!! And my dad booked on purpose the first flight so we have the whole friday in london. But well, we never fly with Ryanair <..<.
It was also really bad service I think.
But then four hours later our flight came and we arrived safe in London. We had to take a bus to the hotel. lucky us my mom planed everything *ö*. I would get lost.
After we arrived in the hotel we packed our stuff out, went food shopping and styled ourselves a little.
Because it was my hubbys and my first time in London I really wanted to see kings cross *^*.
You need to know my hubby, my little sis and I were Slytherins and my other sis is a Ravenclaw.
So of course we needed to go to Platform 9 3/4!
Tourist picture! Underground station check ^^
On the way ~
My sis and I <3
I really liked the ceiling inside kings cross. Well, I thought it looks exactly like in harry potter. I was wrong ^^. But I still liked it. It was a small magical childhood moment.
  And let the magic and picture spam begin *magical sound on*
At the shop *ö*
 See you in hogwarts ^^  but first let me take a selfie
See ya !
 We bought for each other a Slytherin scarf *^* Finallyyyyy!!!!
After that we split my family went to Liverpool station and my baby and I stayed at kings cross.
Because we had a date with Lizzie, Chewiee and Anastasia ^----^
I was so soo soooooo sooooooo fuc*ing happy to see them again.
It was so much fun. We went to a giant mall. And shopped a lot. I mean hello :Disneystore, Topshop how could you not? :P 
 I hope you liked my post ^^
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