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My idols are
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20 Outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my Blue hair

Hello princesses,

So I wasn´t really active for a while but I still want to show you my newest Outfits.And it's actually a lot Oo! So I will post now 20 Outfits for you (^◇^)! 
Of course I wrote where I bought everything. And after this post I continue with my Japan holiday posts.
If you have any questions just ask me ^^.
And please tell me what is your favorite this time???  Or is there one you don't like at all. I still post all my outfits here, because some of my readers don't have Facebook or instagram and I want to update them too♪(´ε` )

1)Today's **heart beat**outfit

Everything: Swankiss
Earrings: Harajuku Japan
Make up inspired by: Suzunyan! Made it with rouge and glitter 😙

2)Today's **poodle dolly**outfit

Necklace: Princess Melody                            Glasses from InaDoll

3)Today's **switch into Rokku **outfit

Pink Outfit: All Swankiss
Black Outfit jacket, necklace: Tutuha
Skirt, Shirt: Primark                                   boots: I think Underground


4)Today's **Swan melody**outfit

Skirt: Miauler Mew
Pullover:One Spo
Shoes: Swankiss
Necklace:Princess Melody

5)Today's **girly**outfit

Everything: Swankiss

Met my friend Nadine that day und we ate Matcha toast <3

6)Today's **Milky way**outfit

Dress: Milk
Leggins: Calzedonia
Scarf:: La Pafait
Shoes: Primark

Bowling with my sisters <3

7)Today's **tartan**outfit

Skirt, scarf, Pullover: H&M

8)Today's **Milky Swan**outfit

Hat, Shoes:Swankiss
Scarf:La Pafait                                         Swan: Käthe Wohlfahrt

9)Today's **Teddy girl**outfit

Dress, Shoes, Cardigan, Bag, Coat:Swankiss
Hairbands:Harajuku Japan
Tights:Spree Picky

10)Today's **Mimi inspired**outfit

Dress, Blouse, Hat, Shoes, Earrings: Swankiss
Jacket:My Melody

11)Today's **Olaf the snowman**outfit

Pullover, Shoes : Primark
Skirt, Scarf: H&M

12)Today's **Mrs. Santa**outfit

Everything: Swankiss
My Outfit For Christmas :D my mom called me Mrs. Santa ( ^ω^ )

13)Today's **New years girl**outfit

Dress, Shoes, Blouse: Swankiss

14)Today's **happy Elmo girl**outfit

Red Hat:Elmo White hat: Angel Creations
pullover:One Spo

So, yeah I dyed my hair blue. A lot ask why and say they miss my pink hair. But I really wanted a change. I would change my hair more often, if the bleaching wouldn´t destroy it <.<. And I hate wearing wigs. I always get a headache!
I always have the biggest respect for people who can wear a wig the whole day.
Yeah I was inspired by Mimi(Miho) Shop staff from Swankiss and Katy Perry of course.
I didn´t bleach my hair over the pink ^^ and used de la riche directions. Neon blue and Aqua blue. Mixed together with a lot conditioner.
They look on pictures always purple but I swear they are blue :D
What do you think about the new color???
Of course my first Outfits in blue....

15)Today's **Blue Angel**outfit

Blouse, Bag: Swankiss
Necklace: Jesus Diamante

16)Today's **Blue rose**outfit

Pullover, fur jacket: H&M
Dress, Hat, Bag:Swankiss
leg warmers: present

17)Today's **polar bear**outfit

Jacket: H&M
Dress, chiffon dress, Shoes:Swankiss
Necklace: Jesus Diamante

18)Today's **mew mew**outfit

Pullover, Skirt: Miauler Mew
Necklace:Princess Melody
Tights: Spree Picky

19)Today's **dolly**outfit

Dress, Hat: Swankiss
Shoes: Monki
Scarf:From Maria
Tights: Spree Picky

20)Today's **Neko Mimi **outfit

Shoes, Dress: Monki
Pullover, Scarf:H&M
Necklace: PM
Coat:Lend from Hubby, bought in La Foret Harajuku
Belt :Ma*rs
With destroyed hair after the storm <<
 Ok thats it for now. Please write me a comment if you like.



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