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Frankfurt Winter Gyaru meet up

Hello everyone,

How are you? I hope you are okay. I finally found a  position how I can write a blogpost Without my lap top dies all the time. So I sit here now with my sparkling ice tea and try to write this post. Yes I have blue hair. xD I will make a post about it I think but I really want to write here now a post about the Gyaru Winter meet up in Frankfurt. And I only can say it was awesome!! Really really awesome. I was so happy to meet so many nice people together with my husband. And I´m actually kinda depressed that it is over now. And we have to wait another year T.T !!!
First of all a giant THANK YOU to Kitai Fi an Kyo who organized the meetup. You guys did a great ,no awesome job! It was just fu**ing awesome!!!
I went on Friday with my friends Sutewi and InaDoll and my husband to Frankfurt.
We stayed in the A and O Hostel and it was a really nice one.
I was actually suprised. We even had a kicker player, TV, a bar, a playroom for kids aso.
So if you need to stay in Frankfurt, I can only reccomend you this Hostel.
When we arrived I directly went on the highest place in our room. And my husband and I slept together upstairs Muhahahahaa!!!!!!
The evening before the meetup. We went to the Hotelbar like this!!!!! Because we can ^^
 We had enough time to get ready which was nice. Last year we arrived in Frankfurt on Saturday (the day where the meet was) and it was so stressful. So It was so much more relaxing this time.
And can you believe that, I was the first one finished from us three girls (Shhhhhhh Sutewi and InaDoll xD)
We all met at the central station Frankfurt and went together to the place Kitai and Kyo rented for the event. We had a lot of programs there and our own bar *^* !!!
I took some pictures for you of course!!
We are vampires the light kills us.... XD on the way!!!
I got this super cute Bunny earmuffs and a mirror as a prensent from Brilliant Hime *kyaaaaaaaaa Thank you* Ina was so cold so she borrowed them ^^ Isn´t she cuttte?
I directly started taking pictures *^* I finally met the legendary Lizzie Bee !!!!! Love you !! Also met again Chewiee, jojo and Amber <3
And a picture with Sutewi, Inadoll and Miku chan (the sweetest gyaru ever) I stole the picture from Miku <3
Train Selfie with Sutewi, Wes, Daniel and Riina *1* Pic picture is awesome! Look at Sutewi!!!

 Before we went in the location we took a full group picture or better David Kaiser took this picture of us. Thank you so so so much!! Aren´t we a awesome group?
Click to enlarge ^^
I´m sorry I didn´t take with everyone a picture, I should but here the ones I took! I hope you enjoy them ^^
Picture from jojo

Picture with Jasmin <3
Picture with Brilliant Hime and Kiki <3
Picture with Leanie
Picture with my beloved Jada!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!
Riina baby and I <3
Chihiro and I
Salla and I! She was so cute T^T !! I loved her wig!
Alba Vera and I <3<3<3 She gave me the My Melody glasses as a present. *^*
Daniel and I! We are watching you! We took this picture for Superloversrock (Emma chan)
Lizzie and I, I stole the pic from her
My beauties!!! Can´t describe how much I love you! Rui, Sutewi and kukki
hahahahahahahah but the proof my hub was there! bämzzz
Every country went on stage to intodruce! Germany got split into province. This was NRW! and yeah, I don´t know whats going on with me. Typicially me XD
This was our location :D I stole the pic from Chewiee. You see Rui, Sutewi and Kukki (lower left corner) If was the moment I took the picture of them hahahahaha!!!

After this we all went together to the Karaoke bar Melody. And it was again so much fun! I´m sorry for everyone who had to listen to my singing (cuff : Katy Perry) But I need  need to sing her songs!
I hope your ears are ok :D
I love this picture. I dont know what I´m doing there, dreaming?? Stole this picture from Chewiee
And the proof I was singing. Picture from Lizzie, sorry I stole it <3
Awesome performance from Lizzie and Jada!!!!!! Applause <3<3<3
But first! Let me take a selfie :D
Our whole room was dancing ''Macarena'' thanks Martha :D!
 And after the meet we went with a smaller group clubbing. I didn't  really make pictures ;3;
like last year. Whhyyy!????
I only have this picture with my doll.

Today's outfit

Skirt, Backpack, Jacket: Mialer mew
Shoes, Blouse:Swankiss
Hairband:accezzorize pimped by me

Today's party outfit

Shoes: Monki
Tights: Calzedonia




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