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Japan Day 7 and 8

Hello princesses,
Soo, because its already 2 months ago I need to post my Japan trip pictures for you.
On the 7th day I had a date with the cute Katie and later we met Shiena, Shani and Kimi.
First Katie and I got a hairset in Shinjuku. It was the same salon, where the "Black Diamond'' girls sometimes go. It was called something with ''Love'' , Can´t remember the whole name.
And they did an amazing job.
But before I got my hairset I met Hikapu again *1*. It was the end of her shift and she even waited for me ;3; She is so cute !!!! I finally could give her my present *^*
With Katie chan in Shinjuku we bought some fruits ^^
Shinjuku oh Shinjuku I missed you <3<3 especially Donkis xD
We both got our hairsets. <3<3
my back <3
From the side. It´s so huge! I love it!! My husband was so sad when I had to take it out xxD
 After that we met the cute girls and took for like 2 hours Purikura. I swear to god I never took so long Purikura. But it was so much fun!!! So much fun seriously!!! I was so happy to meet Shiena again. She is such a sweet girl and I just love her!!!!!!
And I also had the luck to see kimi again <3 You remember last time I visited with her Himena and the Ageha models.
I <3 U ; My outfit was again completly Swankiss. Necklace: Princess Melody.
Our 3rd year we met <3
So I guesss the Princess gang <3<3<33
....always serious business <3<3<3
Thats such a sweet hair. It looks a little like Shiena sniffs my hair xD <3<3
Kimi invited us to eat pancakes! It was soo amazing. Thank you again hun <3<3<3

And on the way home, I found a Milkstore. Kimi is hiding behind me. With all that hair you almost can´t see her xD
This was our lazy day. We visited the Aquarium in Ikebukuro, because we were really really tired that day. I always wanted to go there. So I was super happy it worked that time.
It was really nice in there and not so stressful.  I took a lot more pictures inside the Aquarium but I dont want to post them all here <3 Maybe its a bit boring for you, or you also want to go there <3
so many fish.....
This is called a Sea Dragon *1*
Imagine you found this in the Ocean. ... Wow !!He was starring at my husband like wtf is that xD
This is my favorite picture of the day *!*
<3 a special Shark, I don´t know the name tho

And at the end you could get Gashapons XD That is so cute!!! Of course we got one...
I loved the seaworms they were so cute!!!!
 On the way out we walked through Sunshine city and found a Ghibli store. Isn´t that awesome!! You should visit it!!!

Today's outfit

Dress: Milk
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Sanrio, My Melody
Necklace: Princess Melody




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