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Japan Day 11,12,13 (last day)

Hello princesses,
So this day we celebrated my hubbys birthday ^^. It was one day before. But I wanted that we can do something special for him. Just for him.
My hubby is a giant Pokemon fan so we visited a Pokemon center. He was super excited it was so cute !!!!!!!! kyaaaaa~~~~ <3. I´m not a Pokemon fan but I think maybe some of my readers are so I want to share the pictures anyway with you.
But before this was at his actual birthday at 00:00 o clock we went to the 7 eleven and bought cake and snacks for him! yeahhhhh!!!
And yes we went out like this!! hiihihihihi
There is it!!!!!! Can you see my hubby? He couldnt wait XDDDD
I wanted to take one picture in front of it. Well fail XD!!! He just ran in!!!! I love you!!!

Happppyyyyy Brandon <3<3<3<3

Proof I was there... Even if I look like a idiot here xD
With his buys *O*!!!!!
 So we were really hungry and my hubbys favorite food is curry rice so of couse we ate curry rice *^*
Glad mission perfect---> Hubby is happy <3<3<3
Waiting for the food <3<3<3
Cheers to BRANDON!! To the best Hubby in the world!!!!!!!!
Day 12)
On that day we had a date with Pastelbat, Superloversrock and Himetenshi! I was so happy to meet them. Seriously they are all gorgeous and I´m glad to have them as my friends.
I showed them Dinos, because it was open for three days and you could get a lot of stuff cheaper than in the original stores. I´m glad they all found something there. They also sold Liz Lisa, Ank rouge, Ghost of Harlem so everyone found something ^^.

On the way to Dinos I met I gess a Black Diamond member ^^. I  didn´t know that. Sutewi told me ^^.
IDOLS *=*!!!!!!!!! Pastelbat and Reishan <3<3<3<3
With my selfie stick xD

 And they showed me the Disneystore in Shibuya *^*.  I didn´t know where it was and I never was there before *^*`!! So Thank you!!!

Frozen in the Background!!!!!!
Best wall tattoo ever!!!
 But after that we didnt go home. We met up with Katie who also brought some friends.
And it was Izakaya time!! I never made Izakaya before *^*
Our group!! It was so much fun!!!!!

 Last day 13)  T^T Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo~
Our last day was kinda relaxing. We hung out again with Sari, Erika and Nina.
We bought some last presents for our family and friends home ^^ And visited the Sanrio Store in Shinjuku ^^
Baby and I!

That was my last Japan post! I hope you enjoyed them! It was awesome and we plan to go there again of course!!!! Please write a comment




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