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three meets with friends// magical power

Hello princesses,

In the last weeks I had some friend meets I want to share with you.
First I visited my cute kittys Church and Himena and my friend Binh. I missed my cats so much! Seriously!! But we can´t have cats in our apartment. ;____; But I know they have a good home at Binh´s place. Maybe we can change the Opinion of our landlord (the owner from the Apartment) one day. Or we need to move because I really need a kitty. Its so weird without. ;___;
But we definately had a nice evening together ^___^

Today's ~50´s outfit ~outfit

Skirt, Cardigan, Shoes: Primark
Top:Gina Tricot
Then I met my lovely friend MissNeko in Düsseldorf. We had a wonderful day together.
Unfortunately I had a giant blister on my left foot (on the side) So I could barley walk. I had so much pain. Even a lot of bandages didn´t help... >...<!!!! I switched even my shoes to my flat comfortable mules but it still hurt as fudge... >~<  It´s now more then a week since then but I still have a huge wound there.Because it can´t heal at this spot right <.< 
But we still took some cute pictures toegther.
 We are the Sailor Moon Magical Girls  :D MissNeko was so cute and brought her Sailor Moon stuff so we can take some cute pictures. It was so much fun!!!! Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon!!!
Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon *1* <3<3<3<3

I made this collage for Miss'Neko. She loves the little
elephant from centimental circus, she calls him short fant *1* !!!

Today's ~fairy Hime ~outfit *Finally hime again*

Dress: Princess Melody
Hairband: Primark
Shoes: DreamV
 And I also made a small Teaparty with Steamfairy. I´m really not good at baking xD but Steamfairy helped me, Thank you!!!  Usually my husband bakes for me. He loves to bake and he always makes delicious cookies and cakes. But our baking stuff turned out really nice and pink *^*

pinku pink!!! Princess!!!!
The Dough was so good!!!!!!!
The proof I did something!!!!! Muhahahahahaaa xD
How the Muffins turned out...
And our unicorn cake *1* !!! I love unicorns so much!!!!!!!

With our *S* Cupcakes for *S*teamfairy and *S*uiprincess. I made them *^*v
The unicorns and us *^* <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Today's ~magical teaparty ~outfit

Blouse, Shoes: Swankiss
Hairband: Selfmade
Skirt: PrincessMelody

 That´s it for today. I would be super happy if you write me a comment *^* 



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