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Animagic 2014 at Dunkelsüss

Hello princesses,

How are you everyone? I hope you are okay ^^ .
I´m a little late with my post about the Animagic 2014. I´m Sorry >.< I just don´t want to update at the moment, because I don´t really know why xD. So yeah, I was there on Saturday with my cutie InaDoll. We spent most of the time at the Dunkelsüss tent , Ina helped them out and she was part of the organisaton of  the Lolita Fashion Show (Lorina Liddell)
It was really a little stressful and it was so humid! Seriously!!!! And I wore my Angelic Pretty, Sugar Pansy set. And I almost died! But all in one it was a great day with friends. And I was so proud that I could be part of the fashion show. Lorina Liddell gave Dunkelsüss clothes from Japanese Brands, from the newest collection. That´s so awesome and I could model for some brands *^*
Here are some pictures from my day and also from the fashion show
The awesome Dunkelsüss tent, you also can visit them on Facebook *^*
Ina and I <3<3<3 and in the background you see some of the awesome dresses you could buy there.
Sandra and Gina. Sandra always takes the time to help the customers. I think that´s awesome!!!
Awesome rings from Tokimeki
And awesome necklaces from Tokimeki!!!
I found this awesome Maleficent cosplay diretcly in front of Dunkelsüss, so I had to take a picture. 
With joey cutie !!!!!

Today's Sugar Pansy outfit

OP, Bonet, Hairbow,  Socks :Angelic Pretty
Shoes:Secret Shop
Necklace: Jesus Diamante
Wristcuffs : lent from InaDoll, she has them from Bodyline
So about the Dunkelsüss Fashionshow. Lorina Liddell has clothes from the lables *got this from Ina*:

(enjoy the cuteness, beauty and free universal that enable to put away age, gender, and nationality.),
(former Black peace now, Introducing gothic elements into the high fashion), 
(the cutest collars ever), 
(very elegant), 
(oddly cute & cute/kawaii/lolita clothing & accessories),
(thought and care are put into the piece dying to bring out a special flavor that is impressive and elegant),
(influenced Gothic design, Lolita, mode, up to formal are widely exhibited),
(Very elegant & cute chiffon dresses with ruffles and everything a Lolita likes),
(Doll like dresses that are worth a princess),
(gorgeous hats made with love),
(the bag you are waiting for, oddly magical brand for the lover of Kawaii or Cute stuff even when becoming an adult),
(super realistic sweet accessories and miscellaneous goods with sweets motifs and small birds we might have dreamed as children)
and many more!!!

Here you can see my Outfit for the fashion show. I was so in love with the necklace and the Dress, that I bought both *^* !!!! Seriously they have awesome stuff!!! And if you don´t have enough money the next time at a convention and see Dunkelsüss, no problem, they also take cards now ^^ !!!
Me from the Dunkelsüß lolita fashion show! Japanese steetfashion style

Dress: Pays des fees
Headdress: Morun Muuna Stoik
Necklace: Lilly
Tights: Traumerei
Please check out the page Lorina Liddell, they gave us these awesome clothes for the fashionshow! You can order there, they ship from Japan worldwide. 

Photograph* Full body picture*: Laura Kossing 

Left picture took InaDoll, Right picture took: Martin Hola, thank you *^*

 And here a picture from all Models at the stage. I stole this picture from the Dunkelsüss Facebook page. 
If you want to see more pictures from the Fashion show look 
* Click to enlarge* Picture from: Martin Hola,

 That´s it for today, I would be super happy if you can write me a comment



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