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A Day in New York city(Sanrio, Disney, Time square, Broadway)// Part 1

Hello princesses,

How are you ? I hope fine. Finally I made a new post from my Holiday in America. This time I want to show you the first part of my New York City trip. It seems like months have past since I took all these awesome pictures >.< ...
Well, we drove with a Bus directly to New York city, or better directly to the Time square and spent our day there. It was a Bus Tour for tourists but we had a free day in New York and could do whatever we wanted. We arrived at 11 am in the morning and left at 7pm. So we had around 8 hours. We thought it´s a lot time but it wasn´t. The time flew... T^T
So we only saw the Time sqare, the Broadway and a little bit from a super cute small park called Bryton park (There was already a small christmas market). So we have a reason to come back to New York city, and that pretty soon xD.
But seriously it was awesome, here the pictures. Sorry for the picture spam xD
(Please read under the pictures ^^'' )
Skyline from New York *^*
Our first Stop: THE SANRIOSTORE; I found there a lot of MY Melody stuff, can you see the giant smile in my face xD?
Nawwwwwwwwwwww~ Hello Kitty *^* ....
I was in heaven so much My Melody *^*!!!!
I wanted this suitcase so bad but it was around 280 usd.. + for a normal suitcase it is too small and as a handpackage it was too big T^T

The best Disney store I´ve ever seen. It was so cute... Two floors cuteness overload!
Inside the Disney store. You must see all these lovely decoration inside the store with your own eyes. It looks not that awesome on the pictures but in real life it was absoultly stunning!!!
Like in Disneyland they had a castle inside the store *1*!!!!!!!!!!!!
And every Disney Princess had her own corner, this is just a small part of it *^* (Belle . Beauty and the Beast)
On the streets were a lot of people in costumes like: Hello kitty, strawberry shortcake, shrek also for a small tip you could take a picture with them. In the background is Toys r us. It looked so small from the outside but it was giant....O.o
... yes, Giant!!! Inside Toys r us was a ferris wheel...
Babe was amazed by that big T-rex from Jurassic Park *^*, also inside Toys ur us!
And omg how amazing is that?! There was also a Barbie Dreamhouse inside Toys ur us!!! Do you watch: Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse? <---You should it is super cute and I watched every episode!
Our Breakfast a New York Hot Dog :D

Of course we need to go also in the huge M&M store *^*
You could make your own M&M candy bag with just your favorite colors *^*
Perfect for the NewYork city  M&M store a M&M Liberty statue *^*
After all this shopping we needed a little break so we went into a super cute small cafe. And ate something small there. The cakes and cupcakes there looked so awesome *1*
we bought a peanut butter Cupcake and a peach soda *1* <3<3<3<3<3<3
 I hope you liked the first Part of our Trip.
Please also read the second part which will come online soon.
Were you ever in New York city? Was it also so amazing for you? Or can you tell me some other really nice places in New York city which we should visit the next time?
Leave a comment for me and tell me :D




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