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My idols are
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Princess Outfits from America/ my new Hime, Shibuya undead Tattoo

Hello princesses,

While I was in America I got A new "Hime" Princess~Shibuya undead tattoo designed by Asu rocks.
I love her so much, maybe you´ve seen my post that I also dressed as her for halloween. If you missed it you can check it out here.
I got the tattoo in two steps first just the outlines and then it got it filled in color. I was until the last day not sure if I should put it on my arm or on my back. Then I decided my arm and it seriously didn´t hurt at all. Don´t get me wrong I have already a tattoo on my right foot and it hurt "for me"  a lot. So I wouldn´t say: it never hurts to get a tattoo. But I think it is diffrent from person to person. I just talked to a guy who got a tattoo on his arm on the same place and he said that it hurt him alot.
So I think every person has a diffrent pain level ^^''.  Do Some of you guys have a tattoo which really hurt?
I have to say a big giant thank you again to Vinni who made this awesome tattoo for me.

Here just the outlines ^^ <3<3<3 Isn´t she awesome???
The color part took a lot longer because she has so many small details. Like her eyes or her dress or the background. But here you see the final result: 
Directly after it was done..

What do you think of it? I plan on some other tattoos in the future but I´m not sure when I will get them.
Of course I will update you.
So you have any tattoo plans? Or you have some nice tattoos? I really want to see them.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 Well, I also want to show you some of my outfits from the last weeks in america.
I didn´t dress up every day only if I felt like it. Which Outfit do you like the most?

Today's "white Diamond"outfit

Dress: Rue 21
Bow: Princess Melody x La Pafait
Necklace (pearl): Princess Melody
Necklace: Ebay
Cardigan: Kult
Shoes and Bag: My Melody- Sanrio
I worn this time a lot of non japanese brands.

Today's "Monster in reverse" outfit

Pullover: Hot topic, Falling in reverse
Bow: Tralala x Monster High
Leggins: Kult
I´m sorry I only have this picture of me from that day ;__;. I try to wear a litttle darker this time.

Today's "Chess Princess" outfit

Dress, Bag: Forever 21
Bow: tralala (But I pimped it a bit)
Necklace (pearl): Jesus Diamante
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Antaina
More elegant Princess outfit. I was inspired by Himenas new Princess Meody dress and really wanted to try a coord like this out. I´m really happy with the result. Btw I worn this for babe´s birthday.

Today's "lost Princess" outfit

Dress, Bow: Princess Melody
Necklace (pearl), Cardigan :Jesus Diamante
Shoes and Bag: My Melody- Sanrio
A typicial Princess outfit. But I guess my favorite Princess outfit so far *^*

Today's "Stolen Rose" outfit

Dress: Liz Lisa
Bow: La Pafait
Necklace (pearl): Princess Melody
Shoes and Bag: My Melody- Sanrio
Socks: Hello Kitty- sanrio
I tried this hairstyle out again with some other half wigs and now I really like it.
But it´s kinda weird to wear because my head is then only heavy from one side xD.

Today's "New York city girl" outfit

Dress: Ma*rs
Hat, Bow: Claires, La Pafait
Necklace (pearl): Jesus Diamante
Coat: Liz Lisa
Cardigan: Kult
Shoes and Bag: My Melody- Sanrio
My new York city outfit :D

So tell me what is your favorite Outfit of these 6 *^*?
Wish you a nice day/evening...



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