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My idols are
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Christmas Events ~

Hello princesses,

How are you everyone? I hope you are ok.
Are you also already in christmas mode?
This year I really enjoy the christmas time together with my husband and my friends and family.
I also went to a lot of christmas markets, you too? ^.^
Soon, soon, soon~ it´s Christmas and I had two really cute christmas events in the last days with my friends which I want to show you.
First there was a Lucky chocolate Maid Cafe *Christmas* Event. I really wanted to go there, because two of my cute friends (May and Nancy) worked there as a Maid. And Goshhhhhh~ they look so cute. I went to this event together with my good friend InaDoll and Binh and we all were absolutely amazed how cute they planed everything. They had a lot of cake and christmas cookies + a super cute Maid Program with Dancing, singing, some quizes and you also could win a lot of prizes.
I really hope the Lucky chocolate Maid cafe will do a lot more events like this in the future *^*
You get a stamp with a cute Panda bear (the mascot of the lucky chocolate cafe) that you can go in and out.
I ordered this chocolate cake. *1*
So many cute Maids *^* <3<3<3<3<3<3
This was the ceiling,it look so awesome, I needed to take a picture!!
Ina and I <3<3<3<3
May, me and Riina <3<3<3<3
Ina, Nancy, me and Minako <3<3<3<3<3<3

Today's melo moe inspired outfit

Bow: La Pafait
Jacket, Bag: My Melody- Sanrio
Dress: Tralala
Shoes: Antaina
Umbrella: Baby the star shine bright

I was a little inspired by my idol MoeMelo *1*
Then my cute friend Chrisi and her awesome friend Erik also made a super super super~ cute christmas cafe event for us. They both put so much effort in it and it was just super princessly and awesome I really just can say again thank you so much for this wonderful afternoon.“ヽ(´▽`)ノ”
They made really delicious cake and muffins and we ate this together with christmas music and tea.
After this we all played trivial pursuit the "Disney edition". You could win in this game really nice prizes like a doll, a plush snowgirl and a furby.
After we played a little we decided to use the questions for kids under 8 years old because for the other ones we were not "Disney" enough or better seriously they were really hard xD.... and Jeeezzzz~ also  the under 8 years old questions were hard, some of them were just stupid ! There was one question for "Finding Nemo". And this one said "What is the name of the doctor assistant in Finding Nemo?" I mean for kids who are under 8 years old? The answer btw was "Barbara" x'''D
And omg~ our team won the first prize, I guess it was more my team member Serenas earning then mine (she answered more questions then I did) but she said I can have the first prize the doll *^*!!!! I was so so so so so happy!!!!! The second time in my life I won (or half won) something (´∇ノ`*)ノ
The awesome decorated christmas table *^* *dream mode on*
Everyone had a table card, which Chrisi drew by herself
Steven, Jessy, Ina, I and Serena *^*
Asu, Yuki, Erik and Chrisi *^* playing trivial pursuit <3
Me and my new doll *^* Jessy took this picture of me

 After that we made a small "secret santa" game. Everyone had to buy before a present for another person  there (not more than 5 Euro) and then we gave it to each other.
I got a really nice shower gel from lush *^*. It smells so delicious and there is also glitter in it + it´s pink *^*
We really had a lot fun that day :D

A whole group picture *^* Jessy took the picture so she is not on it >..<

Today's "pink christmas tree" outfit

Cat Bow: Ruby Rose
Shoes, Bag, Plushie: My Melody- Sanrio
Dress:Princess Melody
Bolero: Jesus Diamante
 I also got a christmas present from Steven, because we didn´t see before christmas. A cute Hello Kitty pencil with a bow on it *^*- Thank you sweetie <3<3<3<3

and please write me a comment,



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