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japanday 2015

Hello princesses,

Omg first thanks so so so much for so many comments on my last blogpost ;T; you seriously made me tear. I never thought so many people still read my blog.
But Im happy that I´m not alone reading it xD!
So many nice memories *^*
today I finally found the time to show you some pictures from my Japanday 2015.
It was way different then the last years. First I didn´t wear lolita and we met kind of late this year.
It was more a normal friend meet, also because of the bad weather.
If you want to, you can check a short video on my youtube
Unfortunately my phone died kinda early... määää !!!
But here some pictures.
I got ready with my love Riina and Kate ! we were the Swankiss Angel crew!
Aren´t we pretty ?
With Riina
With Kate

 At the central station in Düssseldorf we met a lot friends and went together to our favorite place in the world : TENTEN! It was a weird day, Idk but I was so happy to spend it with my beloved ones!
Riina, Kate, Ina, Steffi, Kukki, joey I really love you and I´m happy to have you!
With kukki
 We spent definately a long time in tenten and had to wait for my husband, who had to work that day, yes! that sucks so much!!!As I said a weird day!
My dark side, joey!
And I´m really proud of our double twin coord!!! Two devils, two Angels
We also met the one and only Sandra! We love you!
Mmmmmmmmm  <3<3<3<3

At least one picture from my babe! before my phone died

Today's Angel heart outfit

Dress, jacket: SwanKiss
Power puffs: Eyecandy
Earrings: Sixx




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