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My Name is Sui Princess♡ aka. black-sui.
I live in Germany
I love japanese fashion especially with Swankiss ꒰๑❛▿❛ ॢ̩꒱.
I am in love with my husband he is from America, he seriously is the best in my whole life *Dream mode on*
My idols are
♡Saaya♡,♡Mimi♡,♡Hikapu♡ and ♡Suzunyan(◌ॢ•ω•◌ॢ).
This blog is about my life, fashion and other things which interest me.
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New outfits// Youtube???

Hello princesses,

so how are you everyone?? I hope you are alright. Im well, ok....
I ringed out my neck a few days ago and have of course pain. The doc will say more tomorrow.
But lets come to another topic. What is with my youtube and blog??
My PC died completly a while ago. So its hard for me to write or do stuff on the computer.
I could make videos with my phone but I´m not sure if that is good enough. What do you think?
But lets make a outfits post finally again.

Today's``Darling'' outfit

Dress: Milk
Shirt: Primark

I had fun with Riina so here some pics
mermaid dress from Forever 21!

Today's``purple poodle'' outfit

Dress, shoes: Swankiss
Shirt: present from Riina
Tights: Syrup
 Bonus pictures with Maria on tour:
wind killed my hair ....

Today's``madame '' outfit 

Thats  how a little boy called me that day: madame. I think thats super cute. 

skirt: forever 21
Bag, pin: Swankiss
Shirt, jacket: Primark

Today's``xmas'' outfit

Dress: Swankiss
Shoes: HandM

 some extra pictures

Today's``cupcake lady shooting'' outfit

I had a small shooting you can buy the clothes here: Kostuemtruhe <--- and also find there the final pics from the small shooting. It was so much fun!!

Then came the big change in 2016. I colored my hair brown. kind of darkish brown.
I seriously loved loved loved my pink hair as fudge. But I start a new apprentenship this year so I decided that it is better for me. Bec I dont want to fail D: (I work with ppl).
Its kind of sad but thats how life works. I really like the brown  too but I feel kind of boring....I´m currently really inspired by Larme Kei and Melanie Martinez.
And the other reason was, my hair needed a break from the bleaching. They broke more and more and were far away from healthy.

Today's``brownie'' outfit

Dress: Zara
Poncho: Kult

Today's``cherry lady '' outfit 

Skirt: Swankiss
Bag: Swimmer
Shirt: Primark
Necklace: Claires

Today's``soda pop'' outfit 

Everything: SWANKISS

bonus pic we went to wonder waffel in düsseldorf. You should try it out its super yummy!!!

Today's``training wheels '' outfit 

Shoes: HandM
Pictures with my gang!!! Seriously I love you guys!

Today's``give a F*** '' outfit . 

skirt: MonLily
shirt: Swankiss
Choker: Syrup

Ring: Primark

Today's``lollipop '' outfit 

Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt: Mon Lily
Top(lace) :Hunkemöller
wig: rakuten

Today's``Dolly '' outfit 

Dress: Katie
Shirt: Primark
Cross Necklace: Gina Tricot

Today's``Sad clown '' outfit 

For Carnival in Germany (kind of... basically I walk everyday how I want out so...)
Vintage jacket: Etsy
Skirt: F21
Blouse: present

Today's``cake baby '' outfit

skirt: BoBon21
Shirt: MonLily
Shoes: Selfmade

Thats it for today. I would like to hear some feedback (even if I cant really answer ;3;, Disquss won´t let me Idk why. If you have questions you can always ask me on Instagram:Suiswan. But I try to fix it ^^)




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