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German Comic Con 2015

Hello princesses,

Omg I was at the first German Comic Con yesterday in Dortmund! And it was an amazing day. I was super ecxited to hear a life speaking from Jason isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies. 
It was seriously really nice to stand just a few meters from him away.
I went to the con with my friends InaDoll aka the Joker52, Sutewi aka Harley 52, and Taeyen.
They were the Joker/ Harley crew ^^. I orginally wanted to wear a Walking dead cosplay, but something came in bewtween so I couldnt make it. Well so I decided to go there ''normal''.
Well, the most people anyway thought I was dressed for  Comic con, lol!
 Pictures from the live speaking^^ :

Serious Fangirl moment XD!!!!!!!!!!!! Proud Slytherins
I seriouly enjoyed the comic con and found so much interesting stuff.
I could buy so so so so much!!!!
Here my pictures during the day ...
I actually wanted to make way more cosplay pictures but I forgot kind of ^^. I just have some. The girl on the left got her makeup done by : Kami xD he is so talented!
Wanna play a round of Lazer tag? No problem at Comic con <3
I thought its a backpack but noooooo jut a plush >---<
Heaven! I bought 4 Funko pop: Buffy, Spike, Fiona(AHS) and Misty Day(AHS)!!!
Ina with her mask...
....Sui stole it!

So much Walking Dead stuff but this was my Crimson Peak moment XD!
Rick Grimes!
Carol Peletier!
Glen Rhee and Daryl Dixon! I need these giant posters !!

And a RICK *^* !
Omg omg omg I met the Abraham Ford double! He seriously looked exactly like Abraham!!!!
And my bro Daryl Dixon of course!
Wanna snack there??
The pet zombies!!!!
Selfmade walking dead plushies!! I wanted the pet zombies and michonne so so so bad

Today's school girl outfit

Blouse, Skirt: Swankiss, Mimi Collection

I hope you enjoyed this post a little. You would make me a smile with a short comment ^^



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