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We did it!!!! dyed my hair pink

Hello princesses,

As you can read it already in the title of this blogpost ''We did it!!!! Dyed my hair pink''.
I finally had the courage to dye my hair pink. I´m was thinking of this well sence,... 2011?
Last year I decided to dye my hairtips pink with Ina you remember?
But I always wanted to have full light pink hair it was always a small dream for me but I always thought: What is with my job? What if it looks dumb on me? Maybe I have not the face for it....
But then my friend Canykittenz and her fiance changed my hair color with a PC Prgramm into pink so that I can actually see how it will look on me...
And I loved it so much that this was my goal! So I asked my boss and he said he had no problem with it (pls don´t ask where I work , that´s private stuff ^^'')
But also if my Boss wouldn´t allow me it, I would do it anyway. Then I would start wearing a wig at work all the time ^^''.
So, I asked my beloved friend InaDoll if she would help me with this, because she had her hair green for a year and did all by herself. I was so glad that she directly said yes.  So we planned together for a date to dye it ~♥~
I also got a lot of tipps how to get it nice light pink from the cute MissNeko and other really good friends. Thanks so so so much for this *^*!!
So, but to the day when we dyed it I went to Ina´s place. I needed for my whole hair 4 packages of bleach from syoss to get it blonde. As light as you can get it, better is the result in the end. Then I needed 3 bottles directions (De La riche). I mixed 50/50 carnadion pink and flamingo pink and a tiny bit of purle (for my hair+ clip in extensions, after I redyed it I only needed for my hair 1 bottle of directions, of course also mixed). And I needed the first time 4 bottles of conditioner to mix it with.
The mess...... I´m sooo sorrryyy >..<
Me with the bleach in my hair..
~♥~The pink mixture ~♥~

~♥~The result~♥~

there where still blonde spots in my hair and for example in the bang where some lighter spots so  waited a week and dyed it again at home. I wanted to give my hair a small break ^^.
But after the week, when I dyed it again with directions it looked so perfect *^*!!!!!!
Here the results and my first Pink Princess outfit.

Today's ''Pink princess Bunny''outfit

And at the end two pictures with my beloved friends Yuki and Ina which I met at the last weekend. *°*

What do you think about my pink hair?? Do you like it or you think the blonde was better??Leave a comment under my blog to let me know ^^



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