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Int. GYARU LOVERS Winter Meet in Frankfurt

Hello princesses,
How are you everyone?? I´m kinda tired but happy xD...
This weekend was the "Int. GYARU LOVERS Winter Meet in Frankfurt" which Kitai organized (and she did a really good job with it :D).
My cute friend InaDoll and I decided to go to this meetup, because some of my friends went to it and it was a chance for me to see them again.
Friday evening I went to my friend Ina and we prepared a lot of things together for the meet up.
On the next morning we woke up really early around 6am to get ready. (We only did the makeup + outfit).
colored hair club! And kinda twinish with Kuromi and My Melody <3
Then we drove with the train to cologne central station where the cuties Sutewi and Jojo picked us up with the car.We were so happy that Steffi (Sutewi) allowed us to join the car. Thank you so so so much for this *^*~kisses!
So the ''Party car was now completed''. We also stayed all together at the same Hotel in Frankfurt for the night. It was really close to the central station, only the people who worked there were not really friendly to us >~<, but well... After we were ready(that took a little >.<) we went together to the meet at the central station. The plan was: waiting for the others, then we went to Frankfurt city to take some pictures and shop a little bit, after that karaoke and at the end cocktails+ clubbing.
It was just an awesome day and I had a lot fun. I´m sorry I really didn´t talk to all people, because I don´t really know how ^^''...+ 86 people were at this meet so it was huge!!!
But here are some pictures from that wonderful day. Some of them I stole from Facebook but I tagged from who. I hope that is ok ^^'', if not just give me a note then I will delete them :)
Ina, me, Steffi and jojo <3<3<3 Our ''Party car group'' xD
With the super cute Gals from Italy aren´t they super cute?? *^* We took this pic at the central station while we waited for the others.
Here are the pictures we took before we went shopping. We also took a group picture. <3
Click to enlarge. The whole group picture. I stole it from Grazia Dia F. (I´m not on the other Group pics, because my feet hurt and I sat down xD)

Pic from Steffi <3 Rin, me, Ina and Ronja <33
I love this pose xD!! Rin, me, Ina and Steffi <3<3<3

Eriko and I <3<3<3 She was so super cute *^*
Hyrule and Ina, their styles match perfect together right? *^*
jojo chan and I <3<3<3
I also stole this from Grazia Di F. :P thanks so much for this pic with u guys <3
After we took all these picture we went eating <3 We sat together with Yaya and Riina <3<3<3 I liked it a lot to talk to them again <3 They are both awesome girls!
I really like that pic Steffi and I <3<3<3<3<3 Pic from Steffi <3<3<3
 After we ate and shopped we met all again and went together to the karaoke bar.
And do you know what the name was from the bar? It was ''My Melody'' ~ kyaaa!!! I really liked that karaoke bar, it was really nice equipment and super comfortable.
I had so much fun singing like a derp xD!

Me, Jojo and Chewiee from UK *^*
cute overload!! right??? I the hair from Rose *^*!!
Ina was taking a picture of me.....
...while I was taking a picture of her xP... all my curls were out of my hair because it rained a bit...

Today's pudding Princess outfit

Coat, Boots: La Pafait
Dress: PrincessMelody

As I said after a long meet we also went clubbing together. But not all gals could come, because some had to go back home. So we were a small group but it was still fun.
I changed my outfit for clubbing but I forgot to take a picture of it >...<''
Our clubbing group <3 there u can see a bit my outfit ^^
But Ina took a hair/face picture before we went clubbing <3<3<3
Another coat Pic xD; Marta and I, Picture is from Marta <3
And a picture with Steffi inside the club <3 I stole the pic from her :P
It was a really great weekend and I had so much fun.
Thank you to everyone who was there <3<3<3<3
Please leave a comment for me if you want <3

I totally forgot to take a pic of my princess twin xD!! It´s the Rilakumma from  jojo´s bag x'D



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