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Sorry for beeing so lazy// friends meets

Hello princesses,

I´m so sorry that I´m so lazy lately but I have a lot of problems with my computer so I´m basically only with my phone online..
Well but I need to make some posts so I try it now xD!
First one last post before my japan trip(I´m safe home), but don´t worry I will post here a lot ,lot, lot of my japan trip ^^.  Because I think thats more interesting right??
But first I had 3 friend meets before my holiday
First I met my awesome friends Sutewi, InaDoll and Ruiza again with my Hubby in Düsseldorf.
We had a wonderful time as always and I´m so glad to have them as my friends.
Some pictures for you:
Selfie timeeeee Sutewi, InaDoll and I <3<3<3<3
 I really love this pic of Ruiza and I!!! Its always like this, one of of try to make a selfie and at least one person is the photo bomber XDDDDD
My hub and I <3<3<3<3<3
Yes, the whole group, can you find Sutewi???
We drunk some cocktails at busta pasta!!!<3<3<3<3 We look a little destroyed here but it was late xD

Today's ~pon pon~ outfit

hair pon pons: Selfmade
dress, button: Pinkys_dream (instagram)
shirt: One spo
shoes: Swankiss
bag, chocker: Ebay 
My next awesome meet was with the cute MissNeko, Bea and the boys ^^. We also met in Düsseldorf and Neko and Bea gave me so many tipps for japan. I was so happy and thankful for this.
You guys saved us xD!!!
Of course I made some pictures for you and tried a little different hairstyle on me. I´m not sure if I like it or not... What do you think??

We walk to wonderland ~
kissuuuu <3<3<3<33
XD I like this picture Idk why ^^ <3<3<3<3
The whole group <3<3<3<3 I love you guys *Brandon was there too but he didn't want to be on the picture xD*

Today's ~fairy~ outfit

hair pon pons: Selfmade
dress, shoes: Swankiss
shirt: Ebay
shoes: Swankiss


And my last meet was at Inadolls house. It was ''before'' Halloween party. The reason was, that we were in Japan at the 31th October. But we really wanted to make a party so my awesome friends decided to make one before *^* !!!! It was so much fun and Ina put so much effort in the decoration, music and food!!
Thank you a lot. Of course we all had to wear costumes!! WE HAD TO!!!! What is a halloween party without costumes. I choose to become the real Annabelle doll.
You know the horror movie ''Annabelle''? Its based on a true Story and I was the real Annabelle....
Look I had a date with the death :D
Our whole group: Svenja (black cat), Ina(the Joker), I, and Clint(Zombie girl)

We could be here husband and wife right? <3
A DERP pic of us!!! XDDDDD Love it!
I made also pictures of the decoration *^^^* soooo awesome!!!! spooky!! Good Job Ina <3<3<33

Petite Francois was there too, you see her posing?? She was Annabelle too but the movie version xD

Today's ~real Annabelle + Petite as movie Annabelle~ outfit

dress, shoes : Primark
socks: Claires
appron: Selfmade
Annabelle brooch: SuiBerry~ Berry Sui


 Please write me a comment I would be so damn happy ;3;




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