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Melanie Martinez Concert in May

Hello princesses,
From time to time I get messages like can you please blog again, so why not?
I didnt blog for a while... I think I will only post sometimes from events, like this time ''the Melanie Martinez concert in cologne''. Or I definately want to make a post for the Dokomi 2016.
But back to this topic, the Melanie concert.
I´m a huge huge fan of her so I was super excited, to see her. Better I had a VIP ticket with my bestfriend Riina, so we met her in person. I think I want to share my experience here, because I get asked a lot about it on other platforms.
We arrived at 4 pm at cologne and we were allowed to go in at like 6pm.
Some Vip fans were waiting since 8am in the morning!

With my ticket!! Happy Sui!!! 

We actually met a lot of cute fans there and talked to so many. It was a awesome experience to have met so many ''Cry babies''. Usually if I talk about Melanie, people are like: Who?? So I was super happy that she has so many fans in Germany!! :D

We were around 50 VIP people. And as I said we were allowed to go in at 6pm (or better 6:20 pm, because the M&G was late).
We formed up a line inside the building and waited to go in the room with Melanie (Riina and I decided to go together). They said 2-3 people max.
When we finally went in the room, Melanie was standing there and smiled at us.
(she was super super super cute and pretty!!!). She talked a little to us, like ''how are you'', ''Thanks for comming'' and she said she loved our Outfits. ^---------------^, of course that made us super happy. Riina asked her 2 questions. 1) Whats your fav. color? Her answer was:'' All pastel colors. I love all Pastelcolors. Like the ones in your shirt'' (Riinas shirt). Her second question was: Do you like horror movies, or are you scared of them? Her answer: ''Yes, totally. I love horror movies. My favorite kind of movies!'' (That made me a giant smile, because as you know I love horror movies, since I´m a little child. I also posted a lot of entries here in my blog about that ).
I was to overwhelmed to ask her questions or better I did, but just one.
My question was (after I showed her my Crybaby tattoo and my Cosplay of her) if she thinks its annoying or stupid that I do this. I told her I´m inspired by her a lot and we have a simular style so what she thinks about this. She smiled and said: ''Seriously I think it´s amazing what you do. I saw these pictures of the tattoo and the cosplay and I love it. It´s truly amaing and I appreciate it so so much.''
I was just speechless after this! I mean she knew my pictures and she knew who I was! How amazing is that!? I told her that I get a lot of hate online, because of that, and thats why I was really unsure about everything.
But she just said : ''Nooooo! its amazing ! And seriously fuck off the haters!''
That made me forget everything I wanted to ask her :P but it made me also super happy, and she is right : FUCK OFF THE HATERS!
We were also allowed to take selfies with her, with your own phone. Melanie took our phones and took the selfies (like 4-6). We could also make a grouppic (Mel, Riina and I).
And she also signed stuff from us. (Our bags and phonecases).
At the end I also gave her my presents for her. I had a bag :D I was super happy I could give it to her, as a thank you for everything!
Its hard to tell how much time we had I would say like 7 minutes maybe a little longer. But we were two persons! I can only give you the tipp : ASK HER SOMETHING! like seriously something you want to know. That makes the moment way more special. If not its just taking selfies and... Bye!

After this amazing moment, which went to quick away. We went out again in a line.
In this time we were able to check out the merandise from Mel.
I bought for myseld the tourshirt with all Tourdates from Europe ^^. It was 25 Euro (for the ones who want to know). The had also : A Soap Poster, the CD, 2 kind of shirts, and the Crybaby necklace.
After all 50 people had their M&G. We were allowed to go in the Concert hall again (the M&G was there too, but we had to go out). So we were the first 50 people in the concert hall. After all Vips were inside, the normal people went in. I think they said VIP guarantee you get in the 1-3 row.
So we had our safe place but the pushing from the back was kind of hard! Just  have to say that.
On the next day I had everywere bruises from it!

Her concert was of course amazing, even she was a little sick and her voice didnt want to do what she wanted. But all in one it was AMAZING!

 I really can´t wait to see her again in November. For the ones who don´t know, Melanie is again in Germany at the beginning of  November in: Muinch, Cologne and Berlin.

Her Tour bus!

**********After concert

One thing that made me again speechless was that Melanie posted my present from her on her official Instagram. I had so many feelings and actually cried. 
It was a vintage toy from 1970 and I got it for her on etsy.
+ I gave her a peignoir and she wore it at a festival in USA on stage!!!

Today's Crybaby outfit

Skirt: selfmade
Top: Swankiss
Jacket: Secondhand
Boots: Vintage,ebay

jacket: made by me
Top and skirt: Never Monday
wig: lend by me(wig is fashion)



trip to Stuttgart and Northsea

Hello princesses,

I noticed that I didntpost anything about my last small trips I made.
So I want to change that.
First we start with my short trip to Stuttgart, I visite there a good friend, Kate.
I was never before in Stuttgart and it was amazing. I definately go again in maybe a month.
I took so many picture xD!
Her just some for you. Hope its not to boring.
First day
My outfit for the trainride
On mywayto Kate <3
So the first day wejust chilled a little, but I met her super super cute dog nikki. Can t get enough from him !!!!

The second day we made some little sightseeing and went SHOPPING!!!! XD
The view from her appartment is amazing!!! And this old windows*^* 
My Outfit for that day ^^ 
Kate and I <3<3<3<3
The modern library of Stuttgart 

On the third day we checked out some secondhand stores *^* I love second hand stores and you?
We also checked out the ''Fluxus passage''. Because there was also a amazing second hand store. And omgI found some remade vintage toys. I had to buy some!!!
I loved all the old houses *^* 

In that little messy store I found my beloved vintage toys...
The best toy!!!! I had to buy it. Its from Japan and not a remake !

 And in the second hand shop I found this amazing jacket from the 80´s!

 I really had a amazing time!!!!
My trip to the Northsea was with my family and was super super super relaxing.
I took also a lot of pictures and want to share them even if its maybe a bit boring. But a lot of you guys complained that I stoped blogging :) So here we so

On the first day we arrived in Greetsiel were our house was for the time. We just checked out Greetsiel a little <3

On the second day we visited the beach !! it was really cool to see it again, because I was there with my family when I was around 15 years old :D

ME, Mom and little sister

They stand in the middle of the ocean all the water was gone. Its called ebb.
But you see our dog was happy as fudge :D

on the last day we visited the lighthouse from the german commedian ''Otto''

 And the eifeltower from the Northsea :)

 Thats it for today. I hop you had a little fun. Stay tuned for my net Blogpost :D



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